#SWBlogSocial What Did I Learn?

On Saturday 7th June I went to Exeter for the South West Blog Social. I went down with Emma (The PR Mummy) and Jeni (PooleMamma) from the Lemur Link Up Networking Group I attend.  The venue was really easy to find, it was however a little small. I loved the idea of having colour coded wrist bands for each blogging genre. The only problem was I knew parent bloggers were orange as I was wearing one but there were no lists up to say what the other colours were.

The talks lasted about 45 minutes. Which wasn’t that long but it was a hot day and space was an issue – we luckily had a comfy sofa but I did need a drink at one point and daren’t leave my chair!

Maria McCarthy – Getting published

Pitching to editors :- I’ve done this a few times locally. I’ve suggested an article and written it in order to build up my portfolio. One of these pitches has turned into a paid job.  I must admit I haven’t tried national and I’m not very good at following up from the first pitch! Something to think about definitely.

My tips to finding the contact details for magazine editors would be.

  • READ the magazine you want to appear in! Knowing your audience is key.
  • See who the editors are. See if you can find them on social media platforms.
  • Make first contact via either tweet or email.
  • Keep trying!

Don’t forget to follow #journorequests too on twitter you never know what will come from that.

Maria suggested emailing 3/4 pitch ideas to Editors, with a short bio and a link to either a great blog or previous published editorial.

For other tips on turning your passion into a career as a freelance writer.

Making money from your blog :-

making money from blogging

This is something that really interests me, a) obviously I’d like to make more money – who wouldn’t? b) I meet and work with many bloggers who really could do with using their fantastic blogs as a way to make a regular income.

Emma Coles talked about various forms of making money, banner advertising, ad networks, affiliate programmes, paid posts, services, blog sale and premium content.

money making tips

Emma went on to talk about her own new business Adlet which sells ad spaces for bloggers.  You set your ad space price and Adlet take a flat rate commission of 10% AND they do all the leg work finding advertisers for you. I’ve signed up and it looks really interesting so will let you know how it goes.

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