Marketing for Mummies (other genders are available) via QR codes

I don’t have an iphone (other phones are available ūüėČ ) and mine isn’t¬†particularly¬†smart, so the whole QR¬†phenomenon¬†has sort of pasted me by. ¬†Until a few weeks ago when I noticed one on a tub of butter. ¬†What a great way to do an online supermarket shop by scanning the products in your home. ¬†If your anything like me what you end up with when purchasing food online … isn’t always what you would have bought instore.

Got a QR reader? Try this code!

What is a QR code?
A QR code or Quick Response Code are 2 dimensional bar codes which can be read by smart phones or QR readers. QR codes link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and much more.

Where can you get one?
There are lots of free sites out there where you can design a QR code, all you need is simple information and a landing page for your QR code (just Google QR code generator). I have however discovered a local Poole based company Free QR Code Tracker which enables you to not only create but also track the QR code you are using.  A really useful tool in making sure your QR code is being utilised.   With any form of marketing you need to plan it, track it (otherwise how do you know if it is working or not?) and evaluate it Рthis includes social media!  Planning is key.

How can you maximise the usage? 
I’ve noticed the majority of QR codes on flyers and business cards direct the potential customer to homepages. ¬†I think this is where businesses miss out on the QR potential. ¬†They understand a QR will drive traffic to their website but there are no calls to action. ¬†Other than increased traffic what has the QR code achieved? ¬†Why not direct customers to QR only page – with a free download, or signup for a special offer or discount code ¬†– specific to the QR code, this enables you to track the codes usage and worth.

Or be like the supermarkets – add QR codes to products enabling your customers to reorder specific products as quick as a flash.

Whatever you do make it different.

Make it useful.

Make it trackable.

As per usual please do share your QR suggestions, blog posts or images.

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