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I have struggled for some time to write this blog, as I do not have a ‘typical’ day. I do not spend hours working on my business, my children take up a lot of my time. I’ve been asked a few times if I would like to contribute, but really did not think I was a particularly good candidate.

Today however, has been multi-tasking at its best, and when I think about it, most Wednesdays have the same pattern. Little Miss Cute started reception year last September. My alarm usually goes off around 7 and I get the kids up just before 8. It is then a mad rush to be out the door by 8.40. I drop Little Miss off, then nip next door to drop Master Cute into Playgroup. Unfortunately, it only runs one day a week, so the only child free hours I get are from 9.15-11.15 on a Wednesday. Take out travelling time, and it doesn’t equate to much! However, what I can get done in that time leaves me feeling quite pleased with myself! Every third week, I have to go into town to bank the money I have received from my Avon business. I then spend around 45 mins collecting in Avon books and sometimes delivering the next lot of Avon books. That leaves me about 15 minutes to pop home and run a hoover round. 11.15 comes far too quickly and it’s time to pick up Master Cute. I give him an early lunch on a Wednesday as he is usually tired from playgroup and I put him down for a nap around 12.30. I know then that I have two and a half hours in which to get jobs done before I get him up and go to collect Little Miss Cute. Sometimes I will spend this time sorting out the Avon books, sometimes I will spend it promoting How Cute Is That online. Today, I spent the time knitting! I am working on some baby bootees to put on the site. I have made 4 pairs so far and each of them have gone to friends, but once those requests are complete, I will be making them available to order.

So 3pm- 4pm is spent collecting Little Miss from school and sorting out after school snacks and activities. I then try and read with her before starting their tea. Today, I even managed to write a guest blog for a fellow business. The kids go to bed around 6.30, at which point I make mine and Mr Cute’s dinner. His working hours don’t allow us to eat as a family so I tend to eat with him once the kids are in bed. I am writing this now as our tea is cooking and I then spend the evening on my laptop socialising and working. I don’t plough hours into the business. Master Cute is only two and a half and I want to enjoy time with him while I can, as we don’t intend having any more children. Once he goes to nursery in September, I will have more time to spend on my business, until then I am happy to set up endless railway tracks for him, or bake with Little Miss after school. So maybe not the most business-focussed ‘Day in the Life of’, but there is definitely never a quiet moment around here!


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