Three by Nine Meme

We’ve been tagged in the same meme by the lovely ladies at BaM and Mumazing so here goes ….

Three names I go by: Joanne, Dewbs (but only my other half) and Mummy (thats my favourite ;))

Three places I’ve lived: Dorset ofcourse and bit more exciting Tokyo and Turkey

Three places I’ve worked: Mark Warner Holidays, Sparsholt College Day Nursery and at my house 🙂

Three things I love to watch: Eastenders (boo hiss), Daybreak CIS (I’m addicted!) and Dragon’s Den (ofcourse 😉 )

Three places  I’ve been and love: Japan, Turkey and Cornwall …. love eating pasties on the beach with Daddy Moo 🙂

Three people that email me regularly: Laura Morris (my business partner at Networking Mummies), Dorset Freecycle (haha!!) and Facebook!!

Three things I love to eat: Roast dinner, Haribo and Olives (not together) (and hey I’m pregnant!!)

Three people I think will respond: hummmmmm

Three things I’m looking forward to: the birth of our 3rd baby in a few weeks, Charlie Moo starting primary school in September and growing old with my best friends (Daddy Moo, Megan and Charlie Moo)

So I’m being mean with my tagging and tagging people I know are working on keeping their blog content fresh and new after my ear bashing Blogging for Business Workshop , Emma Collins PR ,  ianH Photography and this one my get me a slap! How cute is that!

Found this useful wondering how you can show me your appreciation? Well, there are some ways you can say thanks and support my website: ➡

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