The Best Questions to Ask a Dementia Care Home

According to recent research, there are no fewer than 11,109 care homes throughout the United Kingdom which specifically cater to the needs of older patients and those who are suffering from dementia. While this is excellent news in terms of variety, it can also be difficult to make an informed decision when choosing the most appropriate facility for your unique requirements. What questions should be asked and what type of insight will these queries provide? Let’s take a look at these concepts in a bit more detail. 

The Best Questions to Ask a Dementia Care Home

What Types of Personal Assistance are Offered?:

This is perhaps the most basic question and yet, it is paramount if you hope to make an informed decision. We need to keep in mind that dementia and similar conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease are progressive in nature. Therefore, the types of care required are likely to change over time. Does the home have the ability to adopt a dynamic approach based on the needs of the individual in question? What types of personal assistance are available? From mobility issues to hygiene and the administration of medication, nothing should be left to chance. 

What Activities Can Patients Enjoy?:

Dementia can represent a very isolating illness. Unfortunately, some care facilities are unable to provide the levels of social interaction which are needed to maintain a positive mental outlook. It is also crucial to note that socialising may likewise be able to lessen some of the associated symptoms. Engaging in group activities likewise encourages healthier eating habits and it will enable individuals to develop valuable friendships. Always determine what types of activities are offered, as this is often used as an overall barometer to gauge the level of care that you can expect. 

What is the Patient-Staff Ratio and are Employees Fully Qualified?

As observed in the last paragraph, socialisation is important within any care facility. This is just as relevant when referring to the attention provided by individual staff members. Be sure to ask about the ratio between caregivers and patients. This can be used to highlight how residents will be treated on a daily basis. 

Additionally, ask about the types of certifications that all staff members possess. Specilaist dementia care homes are cognisant of how science is evolving on a regular basis. They will always make it a priority to keep all employees up to date with the latest techniques. It only stands to reason that facilities that are unable or unwilling to produce such evidence should be avoided at all costs. 

Some believe that a diagnosis of dementia represents nothing less than the “end of the line” in terms of quality of life. On the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. With the proper care and oversight, individuals can lead fulfilling and rewarding existence for years. The professionals at Eastleigh Care Home firmly adopt these beliefs. If you are curious to learn more about our services or should you want to address additional questions, please contact us at a convenient time. 

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