7 Cute Activities For Couples This Spring

Last year alongside celebrating 20 years together and getting engaged, David and I realised there were so many times we were just ships passing in the night. Our children aren’t little anymore and don’t need us there every second and we can escape out for an hour or two without them. And with Spring just around the corner, it’s the ideal time of year for romantic dates. The weather isn’t overwhelmingly hot or bitterly cold, there are flowers cropping up everywhere and it’s a season where everyone feels more refreshed and ready to get back outside. Here are some fun activities for couples to enjoy this spring. 

7 Cute Activities For Couples This Spring:

7 Cute Activities For Couples This Spring

Go On A Cycling Trip:

Spring is the perfect time of year for a bike ride, because the weather isn’t too hot, and the blossoming trees are the ideal backdrop to your adventures. Get outside with your partner and explore the city you live in, hitting all your favourite spots and finding new ones as a couple. When you’re done cycling, you can wind up the day with a delicious meal – it’s a win-win activity that makes for a great date. 

Explore A Local Vineyard:

Vineyards in spring are absolutely beautiful and whether you’re an amateur looking to learn more or an enthusiast looking to sample new delicious selections, a vineyard tour is a fantastic date idea. You’ll get the chance to sip on a range of wines that you might not have tried before, and also have experts educate you on everything you’re drinking. And the conversation is sure to flow with a little liquid courage which can make it a good option for those early dates when you’re still getting to know one another. 

Get Out In The Garden:

Spring is the perfect time to start planting a garden ready for the summer months when your crops will thrive, so why not plan a weekend with your partner to get out into the fresh air and plant some of your favourite plants? Whether you’re keen to start your own cottage garden of fruits and veggies, spring bulbs of daffodils or you want to create beds of colourful wildflowers, gardening is a wonderful activity to enjoy as a couple and it’s something that you’ll see the rewards of in the coming weeks. 

Wander The Botanical Garden:

Where better to enjoy the blossoms of spring than with a walk through your local botanical garden? The smell of the fresh flowers and the stunning colour combinations make it a wonderfully romantic location during this season, and many botanical gardens offer guided tours if you want to learn more about the plants around you too. 

Set Up A Scavenger Hunt:

Want a romantic and creative activity that gets you out of the house? Set up a scavenger hunt for each other and spend the day hitting the different locations as you follow the clues. You could make it tailored to your relationship, using places from previous dates or memorable moments in your relationship as markers along the way for an emotional trip down memory lane. 

Take Part In A Painting Class:

Painting is a year-round activity, but since spring is often a time when we get a burst of creativity and energy, it can be a good time to stretch our artistic muscles. Painting classes are a fun activity for couples, and you’ll have your masterpieces at the end to keep for years to come as a reminder of the experience. Many areas around the country have beginner’s classes, life drawing or even painting pottery where you can paint a vase or mug with any design your imagination can come up with. 

Go On A Hike:

When it comes to planning spring activities, making use of the brighter days is a good idea rather than planning a date night. And a brilliant way to make the most of the warmer weather is with a hike along a nature trail. The beauty of this time of year for a hiking adventure is it’s not too warm, and if you choose a nature trail, it won’t be too exhausting. You’ll be able to see the local flora and fauna and could even practice your photography skills along the way to capture the sights. 

Final Thoughts:

After months of being stuck indoors because of the dark, cold winter days, it can be a breath of fresh air to enjoy some time outdoors in the spring. With the temperatures slowly rising and the sun coming out more and more every day, it’s a great time to plan something fun for you and your partner.

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