7 Top House Maintenance Tips

Owning a home is the goal for so many people, but with that comes the need to maintain your property. So many of us put off home repairs for long periods, but that only leads to the issues becoming worse and more costly to repair. A better solution is to deal with them straight away and to prevent problems from forming in the first place. These are a few of the essential maintenance tips you should keep in mind to ensure your home stays in top condition.

7 Top House Maintenance Tips

7 Top House Maintenance Tips:

Keep Your Drains Clear:

Drainage issues are something that’s easy to prevent but can cause a big problem if they’re neglected. It’s preferable to use a drain company rather than use drain cleaner all the time, as this can be hard on your pipes. A drain company will have the right tools for the job and it’s an affordable way to prevent clogs from messing up your drainage system. As part of your drainage checks, you should also make sure that all guttering on your property is free from leaves and debris that could cause blockages. 

Poor drainage is the leading cause of foundation problems. Soil with a lot of clay expands when it soaks up water and shrinks when it dries out. This creates movement under the foundation and will, over time, lead to differential settlement. Foundation problems noticed early will be less expensive to repair. A structurally sound home means regular foundation maintenance and foundation repairs.

Check Your Alarms:

Your fire alarm system and carbon monoxide detectors need to be maintained to ensure the safety of you and your family, and it’s a quick job that takes minimal effort. Regularly check the alarm is working properly and that the batteries are still functioning, replacing them if they’re dead. Many people don’t realise that smoke detectors actually have a replace by date and in many homes, the alarms in place are out of date. It’s good practice to replace the batteries every six months to be on the safe side and to have it professionally checked annually.

Replace Broken Sealant Around Your Shower:

Missing silicone sealant around your bath, shower and sinks can lead to serious water damage in your bathroom, especially if there are rooms below it, so if there are areas that are looking worn or broken, replace it as soon as possible. It will not only prevent water damage from developing but it will also freshen up the look of your shower or tub too, helping to keep it looking clean. 

Make Sure Your Roof Is Water-tight:

A leaky roof is something that can cost a lot to repair, so preventing it with proper maintenance is time well-spent. Keep an eye on your roof to look out for any cracked, loose or missing tiles that could let water through. The external membrane is your first line of defence against a leak so make sure that there are no holes here as if this is penetrated you could face problems. 

Trim Back Trees: 

If you have trees on your property, keeping them trimmed back can prevent a broken window or damage to any external property such as your shed or garage. Keeping trees kept neat and tidy can also prevent rodent infestations from developing. If the trees in your garden are particularly large, it may be worth contacting a local landscaping company that can tackle them for you safely. 

Have Your Boiler Serviced:

You don’t want to reach the point where your boiler packs up and you’re without heating and hot water, so scheduling regular servicing for your boiler can help you to spot any problems before they cause damage to the system. The cost of a repair or replacement to your boiler will be far more expensive than a service will, so it’s money well-spent and it also avoids you having to deal with an unexpected boiler failure at the most inopportune time. 

Clean Your Carpets:

Vacuuming is enough to get rid of surface-level hair, dust and dirt, but it doesn’t provide a deep clean. Once every 3 to 6 months, schedule in time to use a carpet cleaner on all carpets throughout your home which will remove bacteria and embedded dirt, freshening up the look and smell of your home and maintaining the quality of your carpets for longer too. 

Final Thoughts:

Home maintenance may seem like an annoying task but staying on top of these tasks can prevent bigger problems from forming that can wind up being much more time-consuming and costly. Setting reminders throughout the year for the maintenance of different tasks can help you to stay aware of what needs to be checked and when, so you don’t neglect it for longer than necessary. 

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