8 Best Co-working Spaces in London

London has some of the best attractions and monuments. In addition, in homes some of the best workspaces. Freelancers, business people, and other professionals come to London to utilize the several amenities and sceneries. 

The city is home to several shared workspaces for freelancers or business people who wish to break away from the conventional office environment. These spaces contain high-quality furniture with a good ambience and relaxing amenities. 

8 Best Co-working Spaces in London

Best Co-working Spaces in London:

The Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse is a perfect space for business owners or moguls. You will find Clubhouse at three different places in London. Most high-ranking business people hold their meetings at this place. It offers luxurious amenities and services similar to that of conventional working space.

Membership is renewed yearly, and you get the chance to attend conferences and annual events. 

Tech Hub:

Tech Hub is a suitable space for tech gurus. As the name suggests, it allows you to interact with other people in the technology field and build good relations. Technicians can also attend meetings at Tech Hub to find solutions to some challenges they are facing. 

There are two registering options. You can choose to be part of the Tech Hub team or register as a single individual. The management offers complimentary internet breakfast and all other computer-related services. 


Huckletree owners saw the need to integrate a community of business owners with different specialties to meet and discuss innovative ideas. Here you will meet people from various fields such as technology, health, lifestyle, and others. 

Other services offered at Huckletree include yoga classes, coffee, and hot desks. 

The Ministry:

Art and music lovers mostly visit the Ministry workspace. It is well designed and furnished with high-quality furniture. In addition, they have a studio for artists who may wish to improve their skills. You can also visit the palace to meet up with other artists and request collaboration.


The main idea behind the Uncommon working space is your health. It provides a healthy working environment for all professions. They use calming music natural scents to ensure that you remain relaxed while working. 

The scanty environment filled with flowers with a good sitting and working posture improves the overall experience of the workspace. 

Best Co-working Spaces


Greenhouse workspace is best for startups since it offers the most affordable rates. Potential members are given a one-day free trial. Those with permanent membership get full access to lockers, meeting venues, and recreational activities. 

Oval Office:

This working space hosts several professionals, including developers, designers, business starters, and NGOs. Members can entertain themselves using the high-definition televisions and good sound systems found at the centre. 

Runway East:

The Runway East offers an excellent and affordable working space for meetings. You will find different Runway East branches that provide similar services within the city. Here, you will enjoy free and fast internet access regardless of the membership type. 

Other features found at the centre include:

  • Private relaxation rooms
  • Meal services
  • Computer and printing services

Find the Best Co-working Space in London:

Searching for the best cowering space in London can be challenging. Despite the internet making it easy to locate these spaces, one still needs to look at each option before choosing the most preferred one. londonservicedapartments.co.uk provides an accessible channel to find and discover some of the best working spaces in London.

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