5 ways to save money when kitting out your home office

After 14 weeks of “working from home” you might have come to the conclusion that perching on your dining room table isn’t going to cut it for much longer! The problem is if you don’t have a designated office area work spills into every day and visa versa.

office interior design

The proper working environment;

  • Increases productivity
  • Installs working hours and a better routine.
  • Keeps your work and home life a little more separate.

You can pretty much set up a home office anywhere in your house but here a few things to take into consideration.

How much space will you need and how to maximise it? 

You don’t actually need much desk space, in reality, it’s all the other bits and pieces which take up lots of space laser printers, stationery and planners. Utilise dead space under the ceiling by adding shelves, reducing the amount of furniture off the floor. If your office space is within another room make sure you invest in storage with doors, that way you can shut work away from normal life.

5 ways to save money when kitting out your home office:

  1. Do you really need it? Make a list of what you want/need and think about it realistically. We all want that perfect instagrammable home office but in reality, do you need these things? Can you find any substitutes around the home already, desk lamps, storage pots.
  2. Buy second hand: You might need to invest in storage, a desk or chairs look at buying second hand rather than making expensive purchases straight off.
  3. Can you buy it cheaper? You might think you have to buy branded items but there are many cheaper compatible alternatives. Charging cables and low cost ink are perfect examples. They are economically more viable in the long term. Cartridge Save specialises in compatible toner cartridges for laser printers of all kinds, which is a cheaper alternative to known brands. Why would you pay more when you don’t need to?
  4. Ensure you have enough lights: Lighting is really important so consider layering up your lights with both ceiling, desk and floor lamps, and strip lights. Use mirrors to bounce light around the room and if possible position yourself near a window and take advantage of the natural daylight.
  5. Negotiate Your Phone or Internet Service: You may need to check out your current plan, with the increased usage and demand on your phone and internet your current plan might not be the right option. Sometimes you can get a deal on your phone or internet contract if you are bundling two services into one. Been with your current provider for a while? Call and ask about any current deals or offers they have that are available to you. business phone number

 Setting up your own home office doesn’t have to cost a fortune. What top tips do you have?

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