Adding Layered Lighting to Increase Productivity in Your Home Office

Well, it’s that time of year again when Summer is officially over and those long grey rainy days make it feel like a Norwegian Winter.  The daylight hours dramatically reduced making natural light a thing of the past *insert sad face here* plus we start wearing layers and layers of woolly jumpers and socks, the heating is on making you want to jump right up on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix drinking tea.  Making working from home productivity harder than ever and adding to my woes my home office is under the stairs!
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You probably wouldn’t be surprised by the benefits of natural light to your working day and productivity. Those long, dark and gloomy days when you just can’t get anything done, you are sat in a dimly lit room,  with that orange artificial light glow this not only affects your mood but also your productivity.
There are so many lightbulbs on the market now which mimic natural daylight, or use LED light bulbs to stop that artificial orange glow which gives you that mid-afternoon slump, headache and a dramatic drop in production. LED light bulbs also offer up to 90% less energy consumption providing you with big savings on your electricity bills. #winning

Layer Your Lighting In Your Home Office :

Layering lighting with ambient, task and accent products increases productivity and is better for your health.

  • Ambient Lighting : Ambient lighting in your home office will usually come from a ceiling light, whether that be a LED pendant lights or a spotlight bar.  Take into consideration the location of the light in relation to your furniture. By ensuring your ceiling light is not directly above or in front of your desk, as this causes glare on the computer screen which can lead to eye-strain.
  • Task Lighting : This type of lighting is essential for all home offices, for reading and computer work where you need a focused light source that can be directed exactly where you need it.  Task lighting usually comes in the form of a desk or adjustable lamp.
  • Accent Lighting : Used to complement other light sources in an office and focus light on particular objects. For example, highlight art or around shelves and cabinets aiding in locating things easier.

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Good Lighting Helps You To :

  • Stay Awake and Alert : You need to feel invigorated and inspired in your home office to do your best work.
  • Reduces Eye Strain : Placing a task lamp behind your computer reduces glare and strain from looking at a bright screen.
  • Boost Productivity Level : This is a huge factor in having adequate lighting for me (and of course a stand-up desk 😉 )

What ways to do you use layered lighting to increase your productivity in the long, dark, grey, Winter months.? With my home office being under the stairs I tend to gravitate to daylight mimicking light bulbs, white light and a variety of lamps.

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