5 Things You Should Know About Car Exhaust Systems

The exhaust of a car is something that we tend not to think about very much – as long as it works properly that is! A broken or impaired exhaust, however, tends to make itself noticed very quickly! This is because our exhaust systems actually work as sound dampeners too, softening the sounds of the engine which would otherwise be painfully loud for anyone that you drive past. The best way to avoid exhaust issues is to have it checked fairly often by a good mechanic; here are some issues that might arise:

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Rust : 

The exhaust system is literally for venting water vapour out of the car so it does not react with the oil and petrol, so it will come as no surprise to learn that sometimes some water remains in the exhaust system. Before it dries out with the heat from the exhaust, however, it can start off rusting, deep in the pipes and tubes. Be safe rather than sorry and check out Iverson Tyres to get car exhaust repair services from a specialised team.

This is an especially bad problem if you live close to the sea where salt can get into your system and make the rusting worse.

Holes :

Loose stones and debris can be thrown up against the exhaust system and cause weaknesses, cracks and even holes. Having a hole in your exhaust is rarely a good idea and these should be found and patched as soon as possible.

Loose Parts :

Sometimes, with time and wear, small pieces of the exhaust system can work loose and fall out inside the exhaust system. This can cause an irritating and frustrating noise, making your journey fraught with worry about what might be causing the sounds – and of course, sometimes they can work their way into a part of the vehicle where they do not belong and where they will do damage.

Better Efficiency :

Having an effective and properly working exhaust system will help the whole engine to run properly, so it will save you time and money, in the long run, to get your exhaust system checked regularly to make sure there are no insidious problems coming along.

Fumes :

The final thing to know about your exhaust system is that it can cause death if it is not maintained properly. Exhaust fumes are full of carbon monoxide which, if breathed in, stops you from being able to properly use the air you need to survive: enough of it can be fatal, while even small doses can make you sleepy enough to fall asleep while driving: dangerous not only to you and your passengers, but to fellow road users too.

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