4 Hot Tips For Flying With Children

I cannot believe that we are literally single figures away from the SUMMER 🌞 HOLIDAYS! As I may have mentioned once or twice we are off to Corfu for 3 whole weeks! I cannot wait! I have made loads of plans for once we are there but oh boy the journey from home to the airport is just as important! I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about everything! Passports. Insurance. Flight information! Argh already breaking out in a cold sweat!

flying with children

4 Hot Tips For Flying With Children : 

Planning : Gone are the days of winging things once you have children you need to plan things to full military precision. How are you getting to the airport? Where can you park? How much does it cost? Or is it easier to travel from Gatwick airport to London Victoria and get a train or bus home?  Which bag has all the passports and boarding passes in? Can you check in online? What terminal do you need? Make sure you share this information with your travel partner too so you both know what is happening.

Leave yourself plenty of time to travel to the airport so you aren’t rushing around. It’s also handy to give each child something to be in charge of as between 2 adults and 3 children we don’t have enough hands to hold all 5 bags and a child’s hand.  Get bags with wheels so the children can help pull them along.

Things To Do : My sister in law has a great top tip, especially if you are just taking hand luggage like we are. Fill a backpack with activities, books, colouring-in and all the snacks! One that fits nicely inside your hand luggage so once you board the plane you can take the bag out then put your case in the overhead and have no need to think about it again as everything they need is in the bag. #genius Also make sure you include a bag of boiled sweets to help with ear pressure on take-off and landing.

Pre-prep devises with games and movies, ensure they have a full battery and even more snacks!  The longer you can keep them entertained the quicker the journey will go. Bored children are annoying children!

There Will Be NO Sleeping : No matter how early they get up once they hit 8 years+ they are very rarely going to sleep. Even my moody pre-teen 12-year-old is too excited to sleep.  Which is why ⤴️ a bag of tricks is really important.

Relax : If you get stressed and start bickering the children will soon follow. Go with the flow and have no expectations of how things will go (other than getting to your destination) that way you won’t be disappointed.  Think about how you react to situations, such as delays by trying to keep stress levels low. These things can be unavoidable, see it as all part of the adventure.  I also always remember something I have forgotten but it’s fine you are going to another country, not a new planet most things can be bought there.

Do you have any top tips for flying with children? I’m all ears! The travelling part is always the most anxious part for me.

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