Top Tips For Helping Your Child Learn A New Language

The world has become a globalised place, where learning a second or third language is becoming popular and valuable. With there being so many benefits of learning a new language, there is now a rise in the number of parents who are trying to encourage and aid their child in becoming bilingual. Some parents have the advantage of teaching their child from birth as they are multilingual whereas other parents find it challenging and struggle to know where to start. Here are some tips from a prep school in East Molesey on helping your child learn a new language. 

Top Tips For Helping Your Child Learn A New Language

Start by introducing the language early. To ensure your child gets the most out of their studies, start as soon as possible. Even babies are able to learn a new language given that they are exposed to it from birth. The critical period is the point where the ability to learn a new language will start to weaken so it is encouraged to start before this. This doesn’t mean that your child will lack the ability to learn a foreign language, it just means they’ll find it a bit harder. 

Start from the beginning. Even if the language is foreign to you as well, start by learning the basics together. I really wish we had encouraged the children to learn Greek when they were younger but it’s nice to learn together and get a chance in Corfu to speak to their relatives in broken Greek. Learn the colours and shapes as well as how to count and sing nursery rhymes. Make learning into playful games by labelling things around the house and identifying them. One of the most effective ways for a child to learn a foreign language is by listening to music. Play songs in the car on long journeys or in the background. Soon enough you’ll find that they’ll start learning the words and understanding what they’re saying. Play games, draw and use creative approaches to introducing new vocabulary. 

Use online resources too. There are many online lessons and tutors around to help your child on a one-to-one basis, especially if you feel you are unable to support your child the way you’d like. Use foreign books, apps, games and activities to get your child engaged in different ways. Use screen time to your advantage and let them watch their favourite cartoon or films in a different language. There are also many free courses that provide resources to use at home which is always a great help. 

It won’t be easy to teach your child a new language and it definitely won’t happen overnight. But through the hard work, you’ll be providing your child with a gift they can use for the rest of their lives.

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