Unusual Gifts to Surprise Your Friends With

What do you give the friend who has everything? Or the friend who you can never seem to surprise? Well, we have some ideas. The gift ideas below are perfect for letting your friend know you understand and accept everything about them. Whether it’s someone you’ve known for years or a person whose path you just recently crossed, our unusual gift ideas to surprise your friend are sure to be a winner!

Unusual Gifts to Surprise Your Friends With:

Unusual Gifts to Surprise Your Friends With

Lemon Trees:

To give your friend something truly unique, why not give them a lemon tree? Lemon trees are a beautiful feature indoors during the winter to brighten the home and can be moved to the garden or patio during the summer months. They produce beautiful fruits that are perfect for cocktail enthusiasts, those who love to experiment in the kitchen or those who enjoy some refreshing lemon water. 

Gifting your friend a lemon tree shows just how much you care. They’re great for birthdays, anniversaries, new homes and more! If your friend is an experienced plant owner, they will love this gift.

Personalised Recipes:

For the food lover in your life, creating a personalised recipe is sure to bind you closer together. After all, food is the way to the heart! Creating personalised recipes or even creating a personalised cookbook of all their favourite recipes is an unusual yet personal gift that your friend is sure to love. 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could even create a cover for the cookbook using pictures of you and your friend together. The cookbook will remind your friend of your friendship and can even be a fun thing to do together!

A Signature Perfume:

What better way shows you care than by creating a signature scent for your friend? Creating a perfume of all your friend’s favourite scents is a super personal and unusual gift that not many can top! Experiment and design your very own custom-made perfume especially for your dearest friend so that every time they wear it, they will think of you. 

Creating a signature perfume can also be a fun activity that you and your friend do together. You can work to create a collection of personal fragrances and blend your favourite essential oils to get a final scent that embodies your friendship.


By giving your friend a hamper for their birthday or Christmas, you’re really showing you care. To get the most out of your gift, choose a theme and pack items that relate to that theme. For example:

  • Their favourite foods/drinks
  • Skincare
  • Body care
  • Sleep essentials
  • Gaming
  • Pamper night
  • Gym essentials
  • Winter warmers

Choosing items that relate to their personality or lifestyle is a unique gift that only a true friend can perfect. Simply choose a few items, grab a basket, and arrange them in a beautifully presented way before wrapping them in cellophane. 

A Trip:

If all else fails, send your friend on an adventure! Buy them a plane ticket or plan a full itinerary for both of you. What’s a more magical gift than a whole bunch of memories that you can share together? Choose a destination you’ve both been wanting to visit or go all out on a safari or hiking trip in the mountains.

Trips are special as they’re experiences, not just things. And it’s something they probably would never predict you were buying them!

A Golf Bag:

Choosing a golf bag as a gift can be considered unusual and surprising due to its specificity and personalization. A golf bag assumes a certain level of interest or engagement in the sport. This tailored approach demonstrates a thoughtful understanding of the recipient’s hobbies and preferences.
The surprise element arises from the unexpected nature of receiving a golf-related item, especially if the friend hasn’t explicitly expressed a passion for the sport. The act of selecting a golf bag that aligns with the recipient’s style, favorite colors, or even unique features adds a personal touch to the gift, making it stand out among more conventional presents.

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