Why You Need A Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter (Review)

Setting goals is the easy bit, we all have dreams and aspirations but sometimes achieving them is another thing entirely.  In June 2018 I joined up with some other small business owners/freelancers who I know well, trusted and respected to form a goal-setting accountability group. The group is organised and chaired by a business coach, who gives us tasks to do, makes us think and importantly keep us on track.

Being part of an accountability group makes me “accountable to others”. I stick with and to my goal, I have more focus and motivation, I value the support and advice provided by all the group members. Plus quite frankly no one wants to turn up having not achieved anything towards their goal! The group meets every 6 weeks which is enough time to work through a goal and stay on track and meeting regularly helps with momentum if any issues arise you aren’t struggling for too long.

Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter

Why You Need A Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter:

The Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter is a beautiful hardback faux leather book, it comes in 3 colour options ( I chose grey but it’s very pale and more of an off white). The unique feature of the 6-month planner is it’s undated so you can literally start anytime. This is great as I was raring to go when I got it planning for the rest of 2019 if it had been dated and I had to wait until January, for example, I’d probably have lost my mojo or implemented something else instead.  It also makes the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter the perfect gift any time of the year.

Goal setting is an important tool in moving your small business forward the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter breaks your goals down into small, medium, and long term which aids with planning and helps to stay on track.  I love the monthly review, it’s great to have a full spread calendar for each month that I can write dates in and at a glance know if I’m available. It also gives me a creative outlet to play with pretty pens and stickers! The book ends with empty note pages, 2019/2020 calendar, and a document file at the back.  There are also 2 ribbons, I’ve got one on today’s to-do list and another at the monthly spread, I love that there are multiple options to how you use the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter.

monthly calendar mal paper

I love bullet journaling, creating collages and planning but sometimes opening up that blank page can be overwhelming. I really love the design and layout of the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter as you don’t need to think about how or what you will write it’s already laid out.  It also opens you up to let your ideas flow as the structure is already in place.  I enjoyed researching affirmations to suit each day and listing 3 things I’m grateful for … not every day is good but there’s good in every day. Writing a gratitude journal is a great way to concentrate on the positive aspects of the day rather than dwelling on the negative.

gratitude mal paper

  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Helps you sleep better.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Makes you happier.
  • Improves health for your mind, body, spirit, and relationships.
  • Decreases blood pressure.

monogram maker notebook

And, the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter is such a beautiful book you can’t help but want to write in it. It’s one of those notebooks that just looking at it brings me joy! Priced at £20.95, the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter is at the high end when it comes to notebooks but it’s an investment in your small business and your mental health. I couldn’t help but decorate mine either with my own monogram creation.

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