Left it last minute? There’s a holiday for that!

Since when was it the beginning of August already? Whilst we were super organised and already returned from our three-week jaunt to Corfu if you’ve been a little bit behind with your planning and may have suddenly realised there are no summer holidays for the family booked yet, you maybe feeling panic set in.

relaxingFear not my friends! I have been keeping a tab on last-minute holidays for the last week to see if there are any deals out there from travel agents and websites who have a cheeky space or two for families leaving it late to sort this year’s summer getaway.

With a mixture of local spots for a little staycation action, and some cracking deals in spots you’d never think about looking up, here are some last-minute destinations you could be driving, sailing and jetting off too in a matter of days.

Last Minute Spot 1: Malta

Want to treat the family to the elegance of Italy but want to do it on a budget without worrying about being lost in translation? Malta is the place to be with resort towns like St Julian’s and Ghadira bay offering you the most bang for your buck this summer, in my opinion. I’m suggesting these areas of the country because they have sandy beaches on an island where it is mostly either stone or exposed bays. 

EasyJet and Ryanair both fly from multiple UK airports to the island’s only airport, and with it taking just 20 minutes to get from the airport to most hotels (Malta is only 9 miles wide), you won’t have to worry about nightmare transfers or having to get to the airport at ungodly hours before your flight. Eating out is quite cheap, especially if you all enjoy fish, and attractions are never more than a half-hour away.

Last Minute Spot 2: Glamping in Kent


Glamping isn’t reserved exclusively for festivals these days. Glamping tents and pods are popping up all over the country as old campsites are updating themselves for the 21st century. 

I’m mentioning Kent in particular because it’s the ideal distance for families based around London to get far enough from city life for a few days without having to go way up north or as far west as Dartmoor direction.

Companies like Fallow Fields Glamping are a good example of what you can get when glamping as a family, providing pet-friendly accommodation (of course the dog has to come) at a campsite with facilities that essentially replicate what you get at home. Rates can be as low as £70 a night.

A quick note about glamping; if offered, go for a tent or glamping pod listed as a furnished bell tent. They’re those tepee shaped tents that are now mostly carpeted inside and have all your linens there ready for you.

Last Minute Spot 3: Levante, Greece :


Sometimes you just want everything taken care of so everyone is happy and even mum & dad can have a little holiday time in the middle of things.

Mark Warner right now have some good last-minute sun holidays for families looking for somewhere sunny. I’m mentioned Levante because it’s their resort with the shortest transfer time (only 30 minutes from the airport) and the resort has British nannies on-site, so you can book kids into evening care while mum and dad go out for dinner.  You might remember that this is how Daddy Moo and I met! I was a nanny whilst he worked on poolside, so I can highly recommend this service. 

The resort is also a haven for activities that families will love, with everything from tennis and kayaking to cycling and sailing as part of their kid’s clubs for certain age groups.

Last Minute Spot 4: Across the Irish Sea

With routes to Ireland from Holyhead, Liverpool, Cairnryan and Fishguard, you can never underestimate how easy it is for families to head across the water and see what Ireland has to offer. 

There are great little spots to visit on the east coast of Ireland, with the likes of Co Wicklow and its famous mountains, Tayto Park (a theme park named after Ireland’s favourite crisps) and massive water park Funtasia all within just an hour of each other.

The reason I’ve put it down as a last-minute spot is because kids can travel on the boat for free. You just have to book just over 48 hours in advance (information on that here), so if you only had to plan for something this weekend, or a week from now, it’s good to know you can save a little extra.

Last Minute Spot 5: Loch Lomond

loch lomond

Oh, the bonny banks of Loch Lomond. While the song mentioned taking the high road to get there, you might be surprised to learn where Loch Lomond is if you’ve never been before. Try and randomly pick it out on a map. If you’re pinpointing somewhere up near the Scottish Highlands, sorry but you’re way off track.

Loch Lomond is only 17 miles outside of Glasgow, making it incredibly easy to get to by motorway. Much of the southern part of the loch is where locals flock to on those rare days the weather is sublime, and it’s a great spot for families too with a Sea Life Aquarium, Bird of Prey Centre, outdoor adventure park and scenic mall.

Lots of companies and private owners on the likes of Airbnb have caravans and holiday homes you can hire out dotted all around the loch with rates reduced during the week. It can make for a no-fuss self-catering holiday where you can load the car up and get some fresh air for a few days.

Need more holiday inspiration?

If you still don’t know where to be taking your family this summer, never fret. Have a read of my recent post 101 Reasons Why I Am GLAD It Is The Summer Holiday, sometimes it’s nice just to relax and do nothing!  

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