Sprucing Up My Home Office with Red Candy

Dear Desk,

It’s not you it’s totally me. We just can’t go on this way any longer.
I mean look at you! What are you? A spare room/warehouse or an office space?
It’s about time I take my own sound advice and shake up this mess!

office shame

This is not a conducive area in which to work! Yes, it’s June and yes there is a roll of Christmas wrapping paper down the side of my desk. *cough no I haven’t been wrapping presents in it* *OK well not since April*

Please, Please, Please Just De-clutter:

I’m a hoarder.

Oh my goodness that felt so good to admit that! I really need to get my KonMari on. I divided my office belongings into 3 areas keeping (because oh yes this stuff brings me joy also it’s quite important to have pens and paper in an office!) bin and eBay/charity shop.

Between eBay (this pile is everso slowly disappearing I might suggest a family car boot sale in order to get rid of it quicker, plus oddly children enjoy that kind of thing.), the charity shop and the bin I have rediscovered part of under the stairs!  Stuff has a detrimental effect on our brain! This is my go-to line as to why everything takes me so long to do these days. I’m working really hard at clearing the space everyday so it doesn’t just pile up. Piles are so quickly developed. It’s almost like as soon as you put something down it multiples until you have a toppling pile. It always surprises me (and it shouldn’t) how I’m more productive when I’m working in a clean office, and yet I let everything pile up.

Luckily the team at Red Candy offered me some much-needed products to help with organisation. Firstly I’ve added a grey block letter rack in which all my to-do pieces (ie. press releases for product reviews and paperwork that needs filing this week) are neatly stored and within arms reach instead of cluttering my desk. Although this pile hasn’t got any smaller the block letter rack compared to desk clutter Sadly I’ll never become minimalist I like things! I collect things but having regular de-hoarding sessions really helps.

* I’ve made £70 on eBay so far read more money saving/making tips from your unwanted items *

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Space Saving:

copper shelfI’ve talked before about how my shelves sit high up the wall under the ceiling. This dead space is perfect for storing reading books, notebooks and diaries.  I get sent a lot of things to review, that I don’t always get round to using straight away but I still want them. I also have accumulated quite a few business books along the way too.  My desk is home to a pile of books/notebooks I need on a regular basis so when I spotted this wire triangle shelf I knew it would be perfect for clearing surface clutter. It looks great on its own but I think I might invest in a second to give me a little more space (and obviously create a super cool triangle!)

Not quite a necessity as I have empty coffee and mason jars to house ribbons, washi tape and pens BUT how cute is this Lucky Cat Pen Holder. As a child I lived in Tokyo where Maneki-Neko (Japanese: literally means “beckoning cat”) can be found in the window of every shop, my mum has 3 different sized money jar in her living room. It feels like a natural addition to my home office and seeing him makes me feel happy he’s so damn cute! Sake (as I’ve named him) has his left hand raised which is thought to attract customers and the green colour signifies good health.

Fingers crossed he brings me lots of new customers, health and prosperity.

lucky cat red candy

Goal Setting : 

My Goal Setting has kicked up a gear this year with the addition of a massive Teacherboards. I adore my Teacherboards! It literally is my motivation in my face! I love being able to physically delete the previous month and goal setting for the next one.  I’ve also been adding images, photos, bits and pieces to keep me motivated.  Olive recently made some maglets (that’s magnets to me and you!) and 2 now take pride and place on my board.  I decided to grab a packet of Red Candy Magnetic Photo Frames to add some memories, photos and colour to my Goal Setting boards, Charlie has currently commandeered a couple of them for his own personal use, which shouldn’t surprise me as they keep writing messages on the board for me!

teacherboards photo frame home office

Productivity : 

My productivity and motivation are linked to my office space and this isn’t really surprising. When you are surrounded by chaos there is no way you can feel calm and productive.  I try really hard with my office but I have a feeling that it will forever be a work in progress as I have a very bad habit of not completing projects which then of course pile up, gotta love a pile. Red Candy has a great selection of quirky and fun homewares and office supplies to get you organised and inject some colour and personality into your home office. In order to bring beauty into your working space, you can order small flower arrangements with MyGlobalFlowers. They cover many cities in the world. There is no problem sending flowers to Paris, London, York or wherever you want.

Red Candy Product List : 

I was sent these items in order to write this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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