Getting Out There : Managing Your Business While Working Out of the Office

Running a business from within the same four walls can be a mundane and sometimes impossible task. As your business grows, chances are you will find yourself working away from the office more regularly as you spread your trade.

However, it is surprising just how much of an impact your working environment can have on your wellbeing. A change is as good as a rest, as they say! Some studies have shown that working in a different environment every so often can benefit your productivity.

What if you’re running a business? You might think you need to be there at all working hours in order to make sure things are running smoothly. However, in the crazy, technology-based online world we live in, managing a business from outside of the office couldn’t be easier.

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Read on for some of our tips and ideas for managing your business on the go…

Get Connected, Go Remote! :

Virtually anything is possible with Wi-Fi these days. Enabling anything from endless videos on demand to buying and selling just about everything, the Internet is such a godsend that we don’t even realise how much we depend on it nowadays.

You could set up a virtual office for your business by way of an Intranet programme, allowing you to work out of the office. Alternatively, you could simply use a more universal method such as Google Drive to keep your business and staff connected outside of the office.

Business portals are a great idea if you want your business to be more versatile in terms of location. These portals work as a sort of cloud system but tailored entirely to your business, granting remote access to yourself and your employees.

This means that managing your business remotely really couldn’t be more convenient, provided you have a device with a Wi-Fi connection. Read more about the most popular business portals here.

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Working at Home Or On the Move … :

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular choice for business managers. Some companies even negotiate, with their workforce, a regular “work from home” day. This can be beneficial for many reasons. On a practical level, working from home cuts travel costs instantly and can allow you to prioritise the work you see fit without any unwelcome distractions.

If you decide to expand upon your business outside the office, this can also have great benefits for progress, too. As long as you are equipped with a mobile phone to keep in regular contact with your work base, you can increase the marketing potential of your business by visiting a wider range of clients. It could be wise to enlist a deputy manager of your office at this point, too, just to put your mind at rest while out on the road.

Do you want to garner more trust and respect from your staff? They will feel empowered if you trust them to work independently and away from a watchful eye, which can hopefully make for a stronger team.

The main thing when it comes to running a business from outside of the office is connectivity. As long as you have a strong connection, you can work from just about anywhere. Clear your mind off the office humdrum and get connected. A company like Gamma can help you in aligning your business mobile solution to specific needs.

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