Increasing Your Employees’ Motivation Remotely

Working remotely can become lonely and less motivating than in the office for individuals who thrive from social interaction. Here is how you can increase your employee’s motivation remotely.

Why? A work environment can help to breed a positive workplace and a motivational atmosphere. For some individuals, working from home can be demotivating and therefore lead to less productivity. It is important to look after these employees and work to motivate them. 

Increasing Your Employees’ Motivation Remotely

Increasing Your Employees’ Motivation Remotely:

Communicate With Them Regularly: Reminding your employees that they are still a part of a team will go far to keep them engaged in any project that they are working on. Human interaction does wonders for anyone who may feel lonely or lack motivation. A Zoom chat or simple phone call may help with this. 

Celebratory Events: Whether it’s a birthday party of an employee or a ceremony commemorating a person having employment for a certain number of years. A celebratory event is a fun way to keep employees engaged with one another. A virtual event platform for employees to collaborate on is an easy way to organise something of this nature. Also, allowing employees to develop their own virtual platform events can help with keeping the team motivated. 

Remaining Accessible: Your employees will definitely feel more connected to their team if they feel that their manager is more accessible. Making yourself more available to the people who are working for you will definitely build morale and keep everyone focused and motivated. 

Building Communication Within The Team Amongst Your Employees: In the day of social media, there are multiple ways for people to congregate online without having to leave their homes. Holding meetings regularly will keep your employees communicating with one another so they won’t lose contact with their co-workers. 

Bonuses:  Rewarding your employees’ hard work is definitely a way to keep them motivated. Offering prizes to those who either finish their work on time or have a high quality output will ensure that your employees will work much harder. Or use an employee benefits platform, such as Blackhawk Network Extras as a way of offering employees a range of flexible, personalised workplace benefits that support their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Games: Another fun and easy way to keep up morale are games. Friendly competition among the employees will keep them engaged with one another and at the same time, it will eliminate any loneliness that they might have from working from home. You can host quizzes, online games, and more.

With working from home becoming the norm, employees may start to lose the usual motivation that comes from coming to work every day. Increasing your employees’ motivation remotely is key to making sure that your business stays healthy and functioning. With a little hard work and creativity, this task can be very simple.

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