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The funny thing about a #40before40 list is that the time flies by and you suddenly start panicking that well I’m a year away from being 40 and still so much to do! For example : 11. See a West End Show. There are so many super shows I’d love to see in London; Wicked, The Lion King, Les Miserables, but let’s face it, it isn’t cheap.  BHLive offered me 2 tickets as part of Bournemouth Bloggers to see Fame the Musical UK Tour with an all-star cast which is also performing at The Peacock Theatre, London so I figured I’d give myself 1/2 a tick for seeing a West End Show but in Bournemouth. But in a weird twist of fate I “won” 4 discounted tickets to see School of Rock in the WEST END! (You can read about it here : #40before40 The List)

At the beginning of the Summer Holidays I called it quits on The Next Steps which if Megan isn’t watching, she’s listening to the soundtrack and making up her own dances.  I really couldn’t take anymore so I introduced to her Glee, as it’s something we can both love together.  I love a musical, I don’t care what anyone says if you can’t break out into song midsentence or highlight important facts of life through the medium of song and dance then really what is the point?  Once I knew we’d be off to see Fame the Musical, Megan made it her mission to learn the theme tune, so she could “sing-along”.

fame the musical

Fame the Musical, what can I say? From the moment the show opened the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and you have to glue your bottom to the seat to stop yourself from jumping up sashaying onto stage and adding some mum dance moves.  The energy is high, the atmosphere electric and the performance mesmerising.  The storyline follows a group of students at New York’s High School For The Performing Arts navigating their way through the highs and lows of life. Whilst set in the 1980’s the show explores the issues that confront many young people today including prejudice, identity, sexuality, substance abuse and perseverance, Megan and I had a few discussions after.

Mabel, oh Mabel. Both of us loved this character because we too are on the “see food diet” and the comedy one-liners were a welcome relief to some of the serious storylines embedded within the show.  Jorgie Porter turned out to be an incredibly beautiful dancer her leg lines, had my Grade 3 ballerina envious. fame the musical mabel

The set flows in and out of the stage in an almost choreographed manner that you don’t even notice and we loved the use of the school tables (very similar to the School of Rock) in the dances too. The stairs not only give the show the height, variety in levels but the undeniable school feeling. Although the songs aren’t ones you may know there are some massive voices delivering them, Mica Paris (as Miss Sherman) and Stephanie Rojas (as Carman Diaz). We loved the use of instruments on stage too. There was no visible band at the Pavilion Theatre instead characters played the piano. drums, trumpet and flute on stage during the scenes. I love this as it makes the show feel organic and natural. Megan says I have to mention how Simon Anthony (as Schlomo) is the ultimate triple threat, amazing singer, actor and he plays the piano! (although I had to break it to her that whilst Simon is awesome he probably didn’t write the song “Bring on Tommorrow” as well making him a quadruple threat!).
fame the musical bhlive bournemouth

I’ve never been to the Pavilion Bournemouth before, it’s a beautiful building built in the 1920s with amazingly high ceilings and some beautiful architrave, it retains its splendour and elegant styling seating around 1500 it has a smaller more intermate feel than some larger theatres.

PS. Keith Jack (as Nick) who I remember from Saturday nights “Any Dream Will Do” amazing, he was my favourite Joseph wannabe. Andrew Lloyd Webber (who also wrote School of Rock) PLEASE PLEASE bring this show back!!

This post is a review. All images were supplied by BHLive.

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