How to tell the story of your brand

Whatever business you are in it is easy to get lost in the day to day running and finding new ways to grow your business. Sometimes it’s important to stop for a moment and think what you already have. Are you a long established business? Do you have an interesting story to tell on how the business was created? Does your business do positive things for communities or charities? If the answer is yes, then you need to shout about it!

One marketing strategy that is often missed is showcasing the story of your brand. Many brands have done this which has proven to be a huge success. Having a simple about us page will no longer suffice, you need to interact with your customers in a unique and engaging way, but how do you do this?

We recently came across a brands history that was showcased in an interactive way and it got us thinking about alternative ways to connect with the user. The brand in question was UK paint manufacturer Ronseal. Check out the Ronseal story and see what you think.


As you can see rather than having a list of notable dates the timeline is a fun and interactive way to gain knowledge of the company. Although DIY/painting is not a personal interest, going through the timeline was rather enjoyable and interesting.

There are definitely a couple of pointers you could take from this to use for your own brand:

  • Research is an important factor. Find out every bit of information about the business/brand and compile the information in a logical and interesting format.
  • Think outside the box, you don’t have to showcase the story of a brand in simple text and images. Think of alternative ways such as an interactive piece, video or maybe in the form of a comic.
  • Breaking down the corporate barriers is key, try to make it more personal so it’s appealing to the audience.
  • Most importantly give the user a reason to want to read it.

Not only does a strong brand story help build customer engagement, it can be a strong marketing tool for getting features in other publications, which overall will help to promote your brand or business. Have you showcased your brands history?

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