What insurance do I need for my spray tanning business?

Like any other business, spray tanning also comes with risks. Whether you own your own salon or offer mobile spray tanning, it’s important to take out insurance not only to protect yourself but your business too.

Insurance will not only cover you and your property in the event of accidental damage or theft, it can also cover you if a compensation claim is made against you. Spray tanning insurance goes beyond conventional business insurance, ensuring that you have the right cover for the risks that come with spray tanning.salon

If you’re unsure of what insurance you need for your spray tanning business, here is our guide to help you get the cover you need.

Property insurance :

Property insurance is vital to protecting your spray tanning business against losses due to accidental damage or theft. This covers your business premises as well as its contents from tanning equipment to business phones.

Your property can hold high value once you total it up and so it’s important to include all of your business property.

If you’re a mobile operator, it is essential you check that your property insurance covers you when it’s being used away from business premises.

Liability insurance :Print Partners

If you employ anyone for your spray tanning business, then you are legally required to take out employer’s liability insurance. If your staff become ill as a result of their work or get injured at work, then employer’s liability insurance covers you against any compensation claims made against you.

On the other hand, public liability insurance covers any compensation claims made by third parties. Should a client become injured due to you or your business, public liability covers you against any claims. It also covers you if there is damage to a client’s possessions or property as a result of your services.

Clients may also suffer financial loss which might not be caused by injury or damage to their possessions, so it’s important to consider financial loss cover too.

Treatment risk insurance :

Treatment risk insurance is an extension of public liability insurance and is an important concern for anyone in the health and beauty sector. This is an important concern when taking out insurance for your spray tanning business as public liability insurance doesn’t cover compensation claims that come from professional activities.

For example, if a client has a bad reaction to a tanning product you use on them, with treatment risk insurance, you are covered against any claims – so it’s highly advised taking out treatment risk insurance!

Personal accident & sickness insurance :

While there are many benefits to being self-employed, it can be difficult if you fall sick and are unable to work. This means that you lose income, which could have a significant impact on your finances.

When taking out insurance for your spray tanning business, particularly if you are mobile, personal accident and sickness insurance is worth considering. This provides you with protection, knowing that you’re covered in the event that you’re unable to work because of illness or injury.

Legal expenses insurance :

Legal expenses insurance will provide you cover if you find yourself involved in legal action. This can protect your spray tanning business from a variety of matters including, for example, employment disputes, tax investigations and disputes with clients.

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