Choosing And Using the Right Space for Your Business

There’s more to running a successful business than having a prestigious office, but where you run your business from can still impact its success levels.

If you’re struggling, and know space is part of the issue, we can answer a few questions that might help.

Choosing And Using the Right Space for Your Business

How Space Impacts How You Work:

Having the right kind of business space plays a huge part in its success. This could be from a customer’s point of view, but also from a practical perspective in terms of ease, comfort, and efficiency.

  • The location might be important, for instance. How easy is it for yourself or your staff to reach the office? Are there good transport links or convenient parking? 
  • When brand matters, does the business location support the message you want customers to take away? An example could be a freelancer working from home who wants to host more face-to-face client meetings but feels their home environment isn’t suitably professional.

Aside from brand messaging, pure logistics might be cramping your business success. 

Online retailers face unique problems regarding storage, with one solution being self storage for business. Dedicating one area of the storage room to packing and dispatching means you can create an efficient, one-stop business solution.

Working in cramped conditions or inviting potential clients to workplaces you’re less than proud of can lower self-esteem and confidence. This, in turn, affects how you think and talk about the business, communicating a lack of confidence to customers or clients.

How to Determine the Kind of Space You Need

Unless you live in an ideal world, compromises will probably factor into any changes you make regarding your business space.

Think about your working methods and the processes you go through. 

  • Do you meet clients? 
  • Do you need privacy? 
  • Do you need to locate and retrieve stored items? 
  • Do you have employees? Is deskspace more important than acres of storage? 
  • Do you need to improve client trust and brand prestige?

Maybe you just need better lighting, easier access, a bigger desk or more cloud storage. Seemingly small or unimportant things matter too so don’t ignore them. 

Once you identify problems areas or processes that are holding you back, you can tackle them specifically and see real improvements.

Factoring in the Finances:

Wanting more or better business space is one thing; financing is a whole different matter. In any expansion, you’re likely to incur higher overheads, so some accounting analysis is important to balance greater costs with enhanced income.

Renting office space can be expensive despite some costs being allowable expenses against taxable profits. A simpler way of affording professional business space is through flexi office rental. This newish solution doesn’t tie you into a long-term contract, so you can feel more confident as you investigate the future. Costs are also simplified, with just one sum including business rates, etc. You do, however, get the same level of business office services.

Flexi offices are also a scalable solution. They offer flexibility when you need it without any hidden costs or complicated small print.

Financing a business expansion is an individual thing that varies depending on circumstances. Maybe you’ve been planning it for some time and can finance it from savings or investment, or maybe you need some help from your bank. 

Working through all the questions and probing all the possible solutions will help you come up with a solid plan, whether for your personal confidence or for wherever you look for financial help.

Organising Office and Storage Spaces

How you use your business space is as important as having the right space to start with. You might even find that reorganising your existing space would make it more workable.

In offices:

  • Consider desk placement for light. While it’s lovely to have bright sunlight for some jobs, it can be a hindrance (and even a health hazard) when computer screens are involved.
  • Consider privacy and noise levels. Some people don’t like to feel they have someone looking over their shoulder. If several people are talking on the phone, it can be distracting to try and filter out neighbouring conversations.
  • Create a floor plan before installing furnishings to ensure easy navigation, collaboration, and communication.

In stock rooms:

  • Organise shelving so most-used items are easy to reach.
  • Have a coding system (numbers or colours) or use labels on shelves so people know what goes where. It makes unpacking deliveries much quicker.
  • Use suitable containers that are easy and safe to lift.
  • Keep walkways clear to avoid trip hazards.
  • Do a regular stock take so you don’t run out of popular items.

The right business space plays a key role in working comfort and efficiency as well as in customer perception and trust. It’s well worth spending time working out exactly what your business needs in terms of space, then researching all the possible solutions.

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