3 Sentimental Gifts To Buy Your New Husband

Whilst getting married is a busy, stressful and expensive time it’s also one of the most magical and memorable times too. Whilst we have only been married a few weeks and this time has flown by, We have been thinking about buying each other a sentimental gift to celebrate the big day. But we all know men are the WORST people to buy gifts for especially when you want to make the gift special. You could consider halo rings or various other items of jewellery. Something personal and with meaning for both of you. Or perhaps a product from True Pheromones, to help create the perfect mood for a romantic night in for the two of you! You want to pick something with longevity that will stand the test of time, so food or alcohol is probably not the best choice 😉 Here are 3 sentimental gift suggestions based on the months leading up to and after our wedding.

3 Sentimental Gifts To Buy Your New Husband

3 Sentimental Gifts To Buy Your New Husband:

Fountain Pen: There is something super special and decadent about writing with a fountain pen, the nibs are usually gold and presented in a beautiful box.  Unlike a ballpoint pen, fountain pens glide across the paper and have a significant weight which makes them feel elegant. Gifting a fountain pen is a sign of empathy and goodwill making them a great gift for graduations and weddings symbolising a successful future. Fountain pens are used to sign important documents, such as your wedding certificate, after we had signed ours we were handed an empty fountain pen for photograph purposes which I loved. Fountain pens are still used in many professional settings and make a wonderful gift, you could even have the pen casing engraved with your wedding date or special message.

Eternity Ring: David and I have been together 21 years and married 2 weeks! Whilst I joke a lot that I deserve some kind of ring reward for that, the truth is he probably does too! Luckily there are some gorgeous eternity men’s moissanite ring available. Eternity rings are a symbol of everlasting love and usually feature an unstoppable circle of sparkling stones. They are the perfect gift for anniversaries and special occasions. These bands are usually embedded in diamonds or coloured gemstones or a moissanite eternity band is super sparkly. They look incredible and complement completely when worn alongside your engagement or wedding ring. Shesaidyes has every style and preference covered – from different carat sizes to 3 colour choices of the band: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to complement your current rings.

Watch: I actually brought David a watch for his 40th Birthday engraved “To My Future Husband” which he wore on our wedding day making it even more special. I did consider replacing it now he’s my actual husband but it feels like part of our relationship journey. The great thing about a watch is that there is a style to suit everyone from the strap (David’s is brown leather he wore a brown leather belt and brown leather shoes with his wedding suit) to the shape, colour and design of the face (digital, chronograph, Roman numerals for example).  You can really tailor a watch to the needs and likes of each individual, which makes a watch a really thoughtful sentimental gift for your new husband.

What sentimental gifts would you add to my list for your new husband?

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