Are Co-Working Offices the Future of the Workplace?

More and more self-employed workers are looking into co-working spaces instead of traditional idols. Why are these proving to be so popular, and could they be the future of the workplace? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this style of workplace could be the future.

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Quiet Places to Work: 

Many co-working offices offer large and open but quiet places to work. A basic pass will get you access to the hot desk rooms, where you sit down and just start to work. Though some conversation might pass, it mainly offers you a large space where you can just start to work for yourself.

If you need a space that is a little quieter, there should be some available for a bit extra. Whether you need a small private space or you are happy to head out into a more communal room, there will always be the space you need at a price that is sure to be cost-effective for your business each month.

Near Amenities:

One of the biggest problems that can arise from trying to find office space is the proximity to amenities. Employees need access to either public transport or secure parking depending on how they get to work. Shops and cafes nearby can help with lunches and short breaks. You may also need additional space for something like a workshop.

Finding this in a traditional office unit can be difficult, but it can be much easier with a co-working office on hand. For example, Safestore’s London locations are quite near several co-working spaces. You could use these for your office, and then swing by a nearby Safestore location for storage or as a workshop space! Even the rent for both might just be part of what you would be paying for one complete unit.



Added Extras:

Many co-working offices give their patrons a lot more than just a quiet space to work in. They also like to add in lots of extras that you would otherwise have to pay for yourself if you had your own office.

One of the most useful of these is a shared meeting room. If you need to have a big meeting with someone, you simply book out the room for a few hours, and no one will be able to disturb you! You get to complete the meeting in peace and without some of the distractions that might occur out on the main floor. On top of this, you might be able to grab extras like free water and coffee or tea-making facilities. Many co-working spaces are truly trying to cover all the bases to give their clients access to a premium facility.

Is a Co-Working Office Right for You?:

If you have several employees working under you and in the same geographical area, you might be able to take advantage of a private room, co-working space Canary Wharf where you can become part of a world leading technology hub. However, you also need to make sure that it is the right choice for you before signing up. These spaces have short-term leases which might make them an ideal stepping stone for you or they could be a great place to work from long-term.

You also need to remember that you will always be in close proximity to other businesses and business owners, and not everyone is as conscientious as you might be in a communal space. While co-working spaces are becoming more popular and a lot more common, it still takes a certain type of company and business owner to work there. You need to make sure that you fully trial one and everything it has to offer before you sign up for something more permanent.

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