What Skills Will My Child Develop in Sixth Form?

Sixth Form is the perfect time to get students ready for the next phase in life, with plenty of skills to explore and try out. Not only will students be challenged on their specific subject studies, there will also be other opportunities for children to pick up new skills. Here are some of the core skills your child will likely learn and develop.

What Skills Will My Child Develop in Sixth Form?

Practical Adulthood Skills:

Sixth Form is the next step towards higher education, so your child should be well-equipped with the knowledge to get them through these stages in their adult life. Having those skills will be mostly taught in a variety of ways that help young adults become aware of the wider world. All of these are especially important when your child is going to eventually fly the nest and move away from home. 

A lot of these skills are often explored when your child begins studying an International Baccalaureate. It’s usually tacked onto full time A Level study where your child will try out a number of practical activities like volunteering or the Duke of Edinburgh.

Advanced Academic Skills:

Another core element of Sixth Form life will be the subjects they go on to study. These are known to be a lot tougher than at GCSE level, but should your child be prepared they will be able to manage the next stage of their studies. A lot of the areas of study your child will go through will be similar to when they head to higher education. For example, when writing essays and developing analysis, this will be an opportunity to learn what your child will need to write about when they head to university.

Employability Skills:

The purpose of volunteering and other life skills, often encouraged during Sixth Form age, will give your child the skills ready for their employability. After your child finishes studying they can do whatever they please, and they may have already gotten a part time job. This is why the best Sixth Form Colleges will have the facilities in place to help students learn about practical skills before they head out into the brave new world.

There will of course be many different skills your child will learn during their time in Sixth Form or at another A Level College. To ensure students are brave and determined to head on to the next phase in their studies, practical adult skills will be essential to their development. But of course it’s going to be a lot about a child’s academic development as well; help your child with their studies too and you will see them grow to new heights.

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