Can you take mobile payments?

If you are a product based business then this time of the year is probably one of the busiest, not only in terms of sales but getting out and about.  In the run up to Christmas events, markets and craft fairs are at their most prolific, but how do you take payment?   As a consumer how often do you go to markets with £100 in cash in your purse in preparation for Christmas shopping? Not often!? We all assume most small businesses these day are able to take “virtual payments” whether that be via chip and pin devices or mobile apps.

Why should you take virtual payments : 

  1. You are ultimately limiting your market and when you are already competing with other small businesses you don’t need any hindrances.
  2. Most people won’t take much hard cash out to events. This is especially true of businesses selling high priced items.  Customers will be more likely to buy from you virtually and save any cash for small priced products.
  3. Virtual payments also provide customers with receipts making that one less thing for you to think about.
  4. As a small business you have less physical cash to deal with at events, nobody wants to be walking around with £1,000 in their pocket!

What equipment do you need?

Gone are the times when you had huge clunky devices, I remember a mobile mechanic wondering around my garden holding one in the air trying to get a signal for a good 10 minutes until eventually I walked round to the post office and withdrew the cash! Most appliances now are smaller, sleek and can work via the BlueTooth on your smart phone or tablet! Things you probably already take to events anyway. Companies such as Payleven also offer pay-as-you-go pricing, so you aren’t fixed in to contracts for a product you might not use a lot. Look for features which will help to grow your business and make it easier for you to trade.

I have an app on my phone along with a little device. You place the card into the device and use the phone for the amount. I’m very pleased so far. It was easy to set up. Money seems to be immediately  available and more importantly customers like it. I’ve never had a query and they get a receipt sent to their email or mobile number.  Julie from Julie Slater and Son

Payleven taking mobile payments on the go

So what are you waiting for?

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