Aldermore SME SuperHero

I’ve been called a few things in my time but never a SuperHero!  On Friday I had a lovely tweet from telling me just that! I had been named one of their “Top 10 SME superheroes of 2014

I’ve even got my own SuperHero Card with all the crucial stats!

Aldermore said about me:-
Award winner, Joanne Dewberry started her business in 2006 after the birth of her son. Unsatisfied with the party bags on offer during children’s birthdays, Joanne realised that she could do better and so her business Charlie Moo’s was born. Joanne’s handmade party bags filled with goodies and toys have been a hit with families across the UK. As a result of her success, Joanne started to coach others on how to build their own successful small businesses. Not only does she offer tips to budding entrepreneurs via her website, but she’s also written a book, ‘Crafting a Successful Small Business’.

It’s always funny to read what other people have said about you! I do sound quite good! Proceeds to wear pants on outside and manufacture a cape from felt!!
If you were deciding what qualities your SME SuperHero would have what would they be?

Contains affiliate link to book.

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