Get to know the power of the Cloud: Understanding remote storage

The internet has made many things possible: you can now keep in touch with friends and family across the world, reach a larger target audience with your business and even get your shopping delivered directly to your door.

Within the business world it has helped to boost efficiency, customer relations and productivity. One of the most recent developments that has revolutionised the business sector is the Cloud.

What is the cloud?

The Cloud simply means that instead of storing and accessing data and programs on your computer’s hard drive you do it over the internet.

Storing your data online can be a lot more convenient and secure. It also eliminates the need to store physical files. This is especially beneficial to those working from home. The last thing you want when you’ve just moved into a new McCarthy and Stone home is to have hundreds of files cluttering up the place.

There are actually two different versions of the Cloud, public and private Cloud, and it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

The public Cloud is an open, shared infrastructure which is mainly free to use. You do however have the option of paying for extra bandwidth and storage. The private Cloud on the other hand is open only to your business. It is created with your individual business needs in mind and you will need to pay a set amount each month.

Ideally businesses should opt for the private Cloud services due to the increased security, especially if you are dealing with confidential information but this may not always be financially viable.

Cost saving benefits of cloud data storage

There are many benefits that come with cloud data storage. Perhaps one of the main ones which attracts businesses is the fact it saves money.

Storing all of your files online is much more affordable than storing them in physical filing systems. If you run a medium to large business, you will have a lot of data that needs to be stored. If you don’t have the space within your business premises then you may need to hire a storage facility and this can be quite costly.

There are some hidden fees you need to be careful of when using the Cloud, but overall most companies find that switching to the Cloud has really helped them save money and free up considerable space and time to focus on other important parts of the business.

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