Day in the life of …. Suzanne Edge

Despite being an excitable business mum, mornings rarely start with a burst of energy for me. Mr Edge heads to work without waking anyone, then it’s a slow start. I gave up trying to be a morning person a long time ago when I realised I work better later in the day.

Before starting my portrait photography business, Edge photography, I was a hospital doctor. The hours were long but I did enjoy it. Having children changed all that and I needed something that could work with me and my family and not against us.

After the morning rush I load the little one (2) into the rucksack and we walk the bigger one (3) to playgroup. Then it’s just the two of us for a couple of hours. Some days we go for a walk around the village with my wee camera. We visit the cows, chickens and donkeys and see the occasional deer. It’s great for fresh air and some exercise. I call it thinking time and I carry a dictaphone everywhere or I’ll forget it all! On other days I have phone calls to make, emails to respond to, tweets to tweet (@suzanneedge) and blog updates and facebook updates to do. There’ll be some housework thrown in too. Sometimes, if I’m not expecting a delivery from the postie, I head to the local gallery for coffee and networking chat. If I am expecting a delivery I go anyway and he brings my post to me!

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