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Despite being an excitable business mum, mornings rarely start with a burst of energy for me. Mr Edge heads to work without waking anyone, then it’s a slow start. I gave up trying to be a morning person a long time ago when I realised I work better later in the day.

Before starting my portrait photography business, Edge photography, I was a hospital doctor. The hours were long but I did enjoy it. Having children changed all that and I needed something that could work with me and my family and not against us.

After the morning rush I load the little one (2) into the rucksack and we walk the bigger one (3) to playgroup. Then it’s just the two of us for a couple of hours. Some days we go for a walk around the village with my wee camera. We visit the cows, chickens and donkeys and see the occasional deer. It’s great for fresh air and some exercise. I call it thinking time and I carry a dictaphone everywhere or I’ll forget it all! On other days I have phone calls to make, emails to respond to, tweets to tweet (@suzanneedge) and blog updates and facebook updates to do. There’ll be some housework thrown in too. Sometimes, if I’m not expecting a delivery from the postie, I head to the local gallery for coffee and networking chat. If I am expecting a delivery I go anyway and he brings my post to me!

Playgroup pick-up is a great opportunity to network and I try to meet up with someone for lunch once a week. The kids are part of the deal of course, so it might be the soft play centre or a local garden centre.

In the afternoon my youngest girl naps while the other dozes on the sofa, reads her books or watches TV. It’s that or play timeoutside or with mum. I’d love to shoot my kids (with my camera of course) but they never let me.

When the girls are in bed, that’s when the real work starts. Clients come to view their images or I’m editing. (Most of my shoots happen at weekends at the home studio or on location.) I produce slideshows and make online orders. If there’s any energy left in me I may watch an on-line photography training video or think about my qualifications but usually its cocoa and bed!

Suzanne Edge – Photographer

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