In the “others”? Get me out of there!

Remember the good old days when fans/likers posted on your fanpage a question, recommendation or just generally how cool you are?? Then they set up the new timeline for businesses and those comments were no longer integrated alongside your content. BOO!!! I hate looking for stuff 🙁 I am super lazy I want to be able to see all the information at a glance not hunt it down!!

Hurrah!!! Guess what!! You can now show “Posts by Others” directly in the Highlights section of your Fanpage/Timeline so they aren’t just grouped into a little box. Yippee this makes me really happy!

So how do you do it?? Anytime someone posts something on your Timeline that you think is important you can pull it out of it’s little “Recent Posts by Others” box and right into the Highlights Timeline in the correct position. Hover over the post and click the “x”, then select “Allowed on Page” from the drop down. Now, that post will appear right in the Timeline along with your own updates.

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It’s only a matter of time(line)

It’s only a matter of time(line) View Post