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Not a normal post for me but it is important as a blog to ensure your topical and up to date with current affairs and I feel like most of the UK we are all still in shock with what is happening at night here.

I have always been proud to be British, my Dad is in the Army and I’ve travelled all my life, town to town, country to country, continent to continent but the UK is my home and where I have chosen to live and raise my family.

The recent riots have really made me feel said that there are others out that have little or no respect for their country, community and people around them.  Mob mentality, mindless vandalism – do any of the rioters from last night even know what the original protest was even about??

It hard to watch youths setting fire to shops, looting and generally behaving in an unsavoury manner.  One lad justified his actions on the radio by saying “It’s what we know, we’re broke” – again a reiteration that the original protest has all been lost now.  I’m not rich, far from it .. like 90% of the population we struggle from time to time.  I have 3 children .. they are expensive luxury items ( 🙂 ) but you don’t see my walking into Tesco’s (other supermarkets are available) filling my trolley walking out and saying … “I’m broke”.

The whole world is sat watching .. in disgust. A far cry from months earlier when all eyes were on the Royal Wedding.

But then from the darkness .. light appears. Groups of individuals using twitter to organise clean ups.  I feel proud again to be British. It’s the old keep calm and carry on that we are known for.  The mindless yobs we must remember are the minority .. the hoards of people cleaning up the majority.

All nations throughout the world have splinter groups or people who put them to shame (look at the recent bombing and killings in Norway).   We are all guilty of craning our necks to see an accident on the side of the road.    The news is always filled with the bad stuff never the heart warming stories …..

So don’t despair, this is an image from yesterday far more BRITISH than any of the riot scenes.

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