Facebook Challenge Day 1 – Victoria Dixon

Day One – Facebook Challenge

The day began when I discovered the school was closed due to heavy snow – so already though I may be aiming to be more productive – I am losing two hours of my working day as I can’t work during Robbie’s naptime (without being interrupted anyway!)

On the whole it has been a good day – I managed to get two blog posts written and have kept on top of my emails today, that would have been time spent surfing around Facebook so is a positive result! I think I had almost fooled myself into believing that I won’t get enough time without interruption to do anything constructive and this is helping me snap out of that way of thinking. I have such a bad habit of every time I have a spare moment during the day I have a surf around Facebook – well of course I couldn’t so this today so instead found myself blogging and emailing. Feels good!


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