Facebook Challenge – meet the challengers!

Here is our first challenger Victoria Dixon all set and ready to spent her limited 20 minutes a day on Facebook from Monday – Friday. She will be doing a daily diary so keep up to date on her journey.  Here is a bit of information about Victoria and her business.

A Day in the Life of VICTORIA DIXON – Enhance-MeMy name is Victoria Dixon and I run www.enhance-me.com where I create magical photo portraits from everyday snapshots! I have two children – Milly who is 6yrs old and Robbie who is two. Juggling running my business around family life can be tricky – especially in the approach to Christmas when Business and home life are hectic!
I feel that social media can be very beneficial to small businesses these days and Facebook seemed to be a great way to interact with my customers. I want them to see the person behind the business and also to feel that they can make suggestions and give me feedback regarding my customer service, available themes etc. I felt having a Facebook page for my business would be a great way to promote my services to a large audience effectively via virtual word of mouth! With 28 million users in the UK, with a massive 63% logging on daily it is a massive potential audience.

I use my Facebook page to share my latest news, show customers new designs and products and run competitions and offer discounts. I also provide useful tips and feed in links from my blog.

A Day in the Life of VICTORIA DIXON – Enhance-MeThe feedback I receive from my customers via Facebook is invaluable and I feel it helps me provide a better service. I would say that my business page has drawn lots more customers to my website and on many levels it must be a successful marketing tool for businesses as on average about 60% of my hits come directly from Facebook.

However my strong point is not time management and I do find myself getting distracted by Facebook and the world of social media. I do think that I could use my time more effectively and hope that given this opportunity to participate in this challenge may help me be stricter about how much time I spend nosing through feeds and such when really I am meant to be working! A little break never harmed anyone but you would be amazed at how quickly time flies by when you have so little of it!

As you know I’m a huge advoke of social networking particularly Facebook.  And as we can see from Victoria’s stat that 60% of her website traffic come from Facebook its silly for her not to have a FanPage.  This week I’m limiting her access .. I’ve said she can have 20 minutes a day .. it’ll be upto Victoria how she breaks this 20 minutes down and what she does during this 20 minutes.

Victoria will track her time management and hopefully she will be filling her time with more orders during the day allowing her to get an early night one night as I know she works late into the night!  We will also see how her stats have changed …  if they have.


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  1. Lyn Blackledge
    November 26, 2010 / 11:08 pm

    I will be very interested to see how she manages! I didn’t volunteer for this challenge as I knew I couldn’t limit myself to 20 minutes, especially as  a) I have so many pages myself and b)I am running pages for clients now. Good luck Victoria.

  2. November 27, 2010 / 3:37 pm

    Hi Lyn … if your managing pages then thats ‘working’ this is more about seeing if you can achieve more ‘productive work’ during the day if you are limited to the amount of time you spend playing on Facebook!   I’m sure you must have a schedule for working on Fanpages … but how much time do you think you spend just ‘gossiping’??