Does Facebook hold the key??

Facebook holds the key to small business marketing/promotion or is it another tool in bad time management?

#joannedewberry facebookAs with all flashes of genius this idea has just come to me whilst writing blog posts all about Facebook and FanPages and how to make them work for your business.  I don’t have a huge budget when it comes to marketing more so because I’m a full time mum so my time is limited and precious.  Facebook allows you to integrate so many aspects that instead of doing 10 jobs you need only do one.  So surely Facebook is the Time Management Queen?  Or is it??

Do you find yourself busy being busy …. then you look back and realise you might not have actually achieved what you set out to do.  Does the lure of a friends status draw you from your task at hand? Do you find an hour has past and your still chatting about cheese with an old school friend? Is it suddenly time to pick up the children and you’ve nothing to show for your time??

Could Facebook actually be your time killer …… ???

Here is my challenge .. I’m looking for 2 small business owners who would be willing to give up Facebook for 5 days.  And before you all start linching me like last night on my Fanpage of course I understand the importance of Facebook.  Of course  I’m aware of the traffic it generates and how Fans like you to interact with you.  This is not an anti-Facebook campaign, this is a time management and productivity experiment.

And before you all start screaming ARGH ARGH!!! (I can hear you!) I will be expecting you to write a daily blog about how its going, so FREE PR for your business.    You will be able to log on twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening.  For a total of 20 minutes.   The importance here is not to document how much you missed Facebook but rather to look at how the extra hours in the day have contributed to your productivity (if they have) in the 5 days.

So are you up for the challenge??

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  1. November 22, 2010 / 1:10 pm

    What a fantastic challenge! I am conscious that I get distracted on Facebook, and try to limit the time I spend on it. I have not been tempted by an Iphone, Blackberry or similar mobile (yet!), the main reason being that I do not want to know whether I have a facebook message, or someone has commented on my status, when I am not sat at my computer. I am aware that you do not have to activate the Facebook application, but at the end of the day, the temptation would be too great, for me anyway!