Facebook Challenge – meet the challengers! NUMBER 2

Meet Louise Gibbs my 2nd willing Business to give up Facebook for a week!

My name is Louise and I am the founder of Baby Signing Mummy – I teach and facilitate communication between parents and children. I teach many classes locally to me and also online classes via skype if parents are back to work. I am a mummy of one (very almost) 4 year old. Life at the moment is very hectic – I am secretary for Isabella’s preschool and the biggest fundraiser is this week with the Christmas Fair. Along with that it is Isabella’s birthday and I am running classes every day of the week at the moment so I have to relay on social media to help me keep advertising and marketing all the parts of my business.

I really don’t think Baby Signing Mummy would have grown at the phenomenal rate it has done in the 10 months since launching if it had not have been for social media – I have a very active Twitter account and Facebook Fanpage and I use both to update customers and potential customers about the daily going on’s in my business. It has also led to making some fantastic partnerships in business from being able to interact with companies from across the UK that I otherwise might not have done.

I use my facebook page on a Sunday evening for Sunday Surgery and for two hours customers and fans are able to ask me any baby signing questions they have, no matter how small and I will answer in real time. These are working well and is a great opportunity for me to launch and reveal new parts to the business as I know people are interacting with me. I do also feel that I am perhaps not using the page to it’s best advantage. My traffic from facebook to my main website (www.babysigningmummy.com) for last week was only 17%.

I like being able to ask questions and gain valuable feedback through my facebook fan page, but I know that I get very easily distracted by the rest of Facebook and am often commenting on friends statues or finding presents via other companies! This is taking away time from me working ON my business and I find that after a child free couple of hours all I have managed to do is update my status and chat to some friends. I am really looking forward to this challenge – I truly believe that the 20 mins I am allowed a day will still enable me to maintain the site traffic but also get so much more work done!

It’s interesting to note here that although Louise actively uses her Fanpage, even holding her very popular Sunday Surgery direct traffic to her website is actually quite low 17% compared with the huge 60% our other challenger Victoria Dixon has.


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