Facebook Challenge Day 5 – Louise Gibbs

As today is the last day I have been doing a little bit of reflection as well. Have I achieved everything that I wanted to do this week whilst I have not been on facebook?

If I am entirely honest with myself, no I haven’t. What with illness, 4 year old parties, birthdays, Christmas decorations and snow halting proceedings all week I have been busy, just not with Baby Signing Mummy business.
Mind you when I go through what I have done business wise this week I realise that it has been a great week. I have been working alongside Piddleypix to get the baby sign language graphics developed. The November and special offer newsletter actually did get sent out in November!! The Baby Signing Mummy Shop has sold a good amount this week – which I am hoping will continue over the next week with people finding perfect stocking fillers. The Teacher Training package has continued to gain interest and more bookings and I released the new Baby Signing Mummy Video yesterday. I finalised dates for January and February classes for Fleet FireFlies children centre and on top of all this usual classes continued and two groups had new babies making their very first signs!

So I ask myself the next question then – what would I have liked to achieve this week? Sometimes it is all to easy as women in business, (mumpreneurs) to not give ourselves credit and to think that we have been so busy in a week (or have not been on Facebook as much as usual) to think that we have not achieved all that we wanted to. Taking the time to reflect and think about what you have done – taking into account all the unforeseen obstacles – snow, sick bugs, school closures, just rack up what you have achieved this week?

So will my website stats be affected by me not being on Facebook as much this week? The week before direct traffic from Facebook was only 17% anyway. Will I be upset if it has fallen? No, I don’t think I will. I honestly think I have been productive and less easily distracted.

I’m proud of what I have achieved this week – are you?

Louise Gibbs – Baby Signing Mummy

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