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Day five – I almost can’t believe this is the last day! This week seems to have gone by so fast even though most of it has been spent indoors due to the weather. Today took on the familiar pattern of getting Milly off to school then juggling housework with entertaining Robbie this morning. Once I had gotten Robbie down for his nap I worked on some orders, got some batches of cards and a canvas order put through for customers, replied to emails and browsed some media alerts. When Robbie woke from his nap he announced he wanted to watch the Aristocats! This allowed me a little more time working so I decided to use that time responding to some of the media alerts I had bookmarked!

Milly surprised me today with her wonderful drawing of a Pheasant family! This girl could draw for hours! Lovely to know that she has inherited my creative gene….this is one part of being a Mum who works from home I love. I can experience moments like today where she bounced up to me full of delight and pride at her new creation.

I would say this has been a really worthwhile challenge and I am so happy that I participated in it. It has made me realise that I certainly need to limit my time more on Facebook and have more willpower to not allow myself to get so distracted by it. I am not sure I can contain my usage to 20 minutes a day (it can take that long to upload photos on some occasions!) I think what is more likely is that I find slots of time where I allow myself that time on Facebook rather than keep logging in at every opportunity I get. I can work constructively in those moments of peace the children allow me…..this challenge has helped me realise this! (Thanks Joanne!)

I have seen a slight drop in my stats but they are still pretty healthy given how much less time I have spent on my page. Social media is a fantastic tool for small businesses – opening many windows of opportunity and really helping market whatever you offer without any financial outlay. I think it’s very important to focus on what you want your social media objectives to achieve – do you want to connect with your customers? Do you want to involve them in your business? Do you simply want to market new products or services? Try to think of ways to achieve your goals while still managing your time effectively.

Will I go crazy on Facebook tomorrow? I intend not to but can’t make any promises!

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