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#joannedewberry facebookDaddy Moo would suggest I do gloat a lot but I don’t, of that I’m sure. ¬†I think it’s more a case of that I’m always right ūüėČ Anyway enough enough …. If you have been following the last week or so you would know that I had two lovely volunteers who limited their daily usage of Facebook to 20 minutes a day.

I really wanted to show that YES Facebook is an amazing tool for networking, building a customer base and communicating with those customers. ¬†That it can also be a great time saving tool by linking your blog and twitter feeds you only have to do one thing and¬†update¬†many. Great idea. ¬†But …. do you find yourself ¬†busy being busy ‚Ķ. then you look back and realise you might not have actually achieved what you set out to do. Does the lure of a friends status draw you from your task at hand? Do you find an hour has past and your still chatting about cheese with an old school friend? Is it suddenly time to pick up the children and you‚Äôve nothing to show for your time??

I think with everything in life we need to be disciplined. Think about Facebook as the new chocolate … tastes great but too much and you soon feel sick! ¬† Make sure your not spending the day on Facebook being busy and not¬†actually¬†‘working’ on your business. ¬†Don’t fool yourself into believing that Facebook is the be all end all .. I mean businesses have been successful long before Facebook and they will be again long after.

I’m pleased to announce that both businesses reported much greater productivity.

A Day in the Life of VICTORIA DIXON ‚Äď Enhance-MeEnhanced-me‘s direct traffic from Facebook to website decreased by 18%, from 63% to 45% which in the grand scheme of things 45% is still a great source of traffic. ¬†And I think Victoria would be the first to admit she gained a lot more productive time this week to work and be with her children enjoying the snow. ¬† This in itself has to be a bonus.

Facebook Challenge Day 1 - Louise GibbsBaby Signing Mummy also reported a slight decrease in direct traffic from Facebook to her website from 17% to 11%, not a huge decrease.  Louise highlighted in her daily diaries that business wise she had been really productive and was encouraged that she was ticking off her to-do list everyday.  She did however feel a bit isolated by what her friends were upto and felt a bit out of the loop.

I haven’t been documenting it but I have been spending less time on Facebook this week due to child sickness and snow stranding us and I found my Charlie Moo’s stats increased from 7% to 11%. ¬†I must admit I was really¬†disappointed¬†at first when I saw how low my direct traffic for Charlie Moo’s was. ¬†but then as I looked I noticed that my google was main traffic and that’s good so panic over!

Facebook is great for business but if we think of our business as a circle …. the segment for Facebook shouldn’t be the main part.

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