5 Simple Ways To Be More Confident Every Day

Some people are naturally confident others have to work on it but there are lots of simple tricks you can do to increase your confidence on a daily basis. From wearing chains and necklaces to journalling, to how we speak to ourselves there are numerous ways in our daily life where we don’t set ourselves up for success. Taking my 5 simple tips and tricks into consideration we can soon increase our confidence, feel better about ourselves and in turn increase productivity.

5 Simple Ways To Be More Confident Every Day

5 Simple Ways To Be More Confident Every Day:

Keeping A Journal: A simple gratitude journal where you write down every day 3 good things, helps to improve your mood, clarify and process thoughts and feelings in a meditative way and provides a creative outlet.  Journalling can be as basic as writing things down or more elaborate drawings and collages, there is no right or wrong way to journal as it’s such a personal choice/experience.

Wearing Certain Pieces Of Jewellery: Helloice, for example, is not just a normal jewellery brand they believe if you dress rich, you feel rich. This will unlock infinite self-belief and confidence – the key to high performance. You may or may not even notice yourself using jewellery as a confidence booster, it can be an unconscious or intuitive action. Certain pieces of jewellery fit certain moods and can even brighten your mood as soon as you put them on. Whether that be a Cuban link chain or iced out pendants whatever you choose to wear, jewellery can not only make you look and feel more confident, but it’s pretty cool too!

Posture: Think about how you stand. Our body language contributes a lot to how we not only feel but how we make other people feel or react to us. The Power Pose is a great way to instil a bit of confidence in ourselves before a networking event, meeting or lunch with friends, anytime you might need a boost.  What is The Power Pose? Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, chin up, head high, hands on hips, and take in a few deep breaths. Do this for a few minutes every day, The Power Pose increases assertiveness and confidence.

Goal Setting: Goal setting is an important tool in moving your small business forward, the key is to actually take the time to create goals but to also break them down into manageable/achievable small, medium and long term goals which help with planning and to stay on track over the year.  It’s almost worst to set goals and not regularly assess and evaluate them than to not set any goals at all.  To increase and be more confident in life, praise and celebrate all the steps you take in reaching each of your goals, no matter how small.

Cut Out Negative Self-Talk: When was the last time you thought about how you talk to yourself? You may or may not be surprised but we generally beat ourselves up a lot! How we speak to ourselves, our internal monologue not only affects our mood and well-being but also how confident we feel in situations.  We wouldn’t dream of calling our children or friends, stupid, or talking down to them yet we do this to ourselves every day, which is why affirmations can be a wonderful daily ritual to not only improve self-talk but to start our day on a positive footing. Take some mindful moments when you do your skincare routine and say something kind about yourself.

What simple techniques do you use to be more confident?

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