How To Reduce Those January Blues Working From Home

January is a funny time of the year, both physically and emotionally.
Christmas and New Year are a distant memory, you may have lived beyond your means adding financial pressure to the already long, dark days. In January the weather turns, it feels like it’s cold and dark all the time, you might already be sacking off any New Year’s resolutions and everyone is knee-deep in goal setting. You are probably feeling unmotivated alongside the desire to take charge of the situation, it’s a new year after all and it’s no wonder January Blues are a thing. And to top it off some PR company decided to rename the 3rd Monday of January as Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year!

How To Reduce Those January Blues Working From Home:

There are however a number of things you can do to improve your mental wellbeing and reduce those Blues, that doesn’t cost a lot but can help you enjoy January.

How To Reduce Those January Blues Working From Home

Get Outside

I say this all the time but being outside is so good for your health and it’s FREE. Nature is filled with restorative properties. Spending time outdoors helps you to focus your mind, increasing productivity and creativity. The best part about being outside in the winter is that as our bodies work hard to keep warm we actually burn more calories! Going for a walk can be a perfect way to say goodbye to the Christmas belly!  It’s suggested that you try and walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are so many fitness apps and watches out there you can even transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with the perfect Apple watch straps.

The health benefits of walking include;
➡️ Increases your heart rate
➡️ Reduces fatigue
➡️ Increases circulation
➡️ Improves heart health
➡️ Increases energy levels
➡️ Improves your mood
➡️ Increases productivity
➡️ Improves short-term memory
➡️ Reduces stress levels


Making time to network is one simple thing that will help you reduce January Blues. From online interactions via Zoom or Twitter Hours to face-to-face situations that can be an organised event or a walk in the park with a friend. There is a multitude of ways you can incorporate networking into your working week.  Networking has a great way of reigniting your enthusiasm and increasing endorphins that make you happy and productive.  Get out there and spend time with other, like-minded individuals who share the same passion. These interactions and the effects they have on our mental health, happiness and productivity are paramount for me. I plan my networking so that I am out of my home office once a week, I invest this time not only in my business but also in myself.

Realistic Goals

I like to start January by creating my Vision Board and slowly easing my way into my goals for the forthcoming year. Some people prefer to wait until January is over to set goals or create their goals in April in line with the financial year. However, you do it is fine, just do it! Goal setting is key and remember to keep all goals SMART.

➡ Specific: Make sure your target or goal is well defined.
➡ Measurable: Ensure there is a measurable metric.
➡ Achievable: Don’t make your goals too easy or too hard.
➡ Realistic: It’s great to have dreams but in the same breath you need to make each step realistic.
➡ Time Based: Giving yourself dates also helps you to assess your progress and also reassess the goals themselves.

Wheel Of Life

A Wheel of Life is used to assess and understand how areas in our life are currently balanced (or not lol) and to help achieve a work-life balance. It’s really useful to see what areas have a low score and how you can improve this. For example, you might score low in health, especially now after Christmas, but by adding in some exercise, getting outside and going for a walk, and maybe making small changes to your diet you will start to feel more on track.

wheel of life
You can use this data to help you plan both business and personal goals for the month ahead. Fill in a Wheel Of Life every few months as your balance will change and so will your goals.  


Whether that is a good sleep routine, taking time to read a book or watching your favourite TV programme, we all need to spend more time resting. What better way to relax than bringing the spa into your living room with a mobile beauty treatment? We live such fast-paced lives that allowing ourselves time to do nothing not only helps with mental health but also reduces burnout and a resting slower pace can be fun! Plus it gets dark early during the winter, utilise the reduced daylight hours, January is begging for rest.

Do you have any top tips to reduce January Blues when working from home? Do drop them in the comments.

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