Facebook Challenge Day 4 – Louise Gibbs

Finally it came!
The Snow arrived!
There was a very excited 4 year old especially when she realised both mummy and daddy were unable to get to work. I had planned a good morning of child free work and worried that I wasn’t going to get anything done, but luckily the pull of staying in bed and watching Peppa Pig on the iPad was enough to get Isabella’s attention and gave me plenty of time to do some work.

I set three simple goals for the day – to write some blog posts, find a sponsor to Cybermummy11 and make a snow video. Now usually these three simple goals would take all day with the interruptions of “just checking facebook” especially on a day where I knew friends would be posting pictures of their fun in the snow.

It was hard to ignore but I managed it, knowing that I would want my 20 minutes to release the snow day video. Not only did I succeed in all 3 goals I was even more productive on a secret project that will be launching soon. In the evening when YouTube finally decided (after 2 hours) to publish my video I released it on my fanpage and own page. Very quickly I got very positive feedback, I stayed on for the 20 minutes to respond to a couple of comments but then turned it off happy that my fanpage had great interaction today!

One more day left of the challenge!

Louise Gibbs – Baby Signing Mummy

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