Building Your Digital Presence with These 3 Tips

In the digital business world, it’s all about visibility, and if no one has eyes on your business, then you may as well not exist.

Over one-third of SMBs don’t have a website, with 67% of those without one stating that the business doesn’t need one (source: Fundera). But in a world where 87% of consumers Google businesses before making a purchase or finding the right company to partner with, not having a digital presence can be highly debilitating.

Even having a website making little or no impact can be demoralizing and a waste of resources if it’s not doing what you need it to be doing. Increasing your digital presence with the following suggestions can help ensure you are seen when you need to be online.

 Building Your Digital Presence with These 3 Tips

A Good Website:

You need to have a website; it is essential for any business. For digital companies, your website is essentially your “storefront” and the primary way people can see what you are all about. If you don’t have a website, you won’t be able to build an excellent digital presence. But it’s not enough to just have a website. It needs to be designed for an optimal customer experience. This means it needs to be mobile response and adapt to the device it is being viewed on; over 90% of people access the internet via mobile devices; it needs to be clear, easy to navigate, and have a good structure clearly signposting peopling of what they need to find. Working with a web design agency can help you to get the right website for your needs.

Social Media:

You are doing your business a disservice if you don’t have active and engaging social media accounts. While it is not thought that social media posts aren’t a ranking factor when it comes to SEO, it is beneficial in that the more people who engage and share your content, the better our presence will be online. Social media is one of your most effective digital marketing options, and you can get started for free. But you need to know how to connect with your audience to represent your brand and what you do and create engaging and tailored content for those who will likely purchase.


SEO is still vital when it comes to building your digital presence; however, it’s not as easy as simply adding keywords to posts; in fact, it is discouraged now. If you don’t completely understand SEO, it can be a good idea to work with an agency or SEO professional to help you know what needs to be done and build a good SEO strategy. A good SEO strategy involves finding long tail words and phrases that people will be searching for when it comes to what you do, building a well-structured website, gaining authoritative backlinks, alt text, internal navigation, adding informative content that people are searching for, and more. It can be a lengthy process to put into place, and getting it wrong can be severely damaging.

Building an excellent digital presence means you need to put lots of little building blocks in place to help you get the visibility you need. From SEO to building responsive websites and cultivating effective social media accounts, this might seem like a big task, but it is most definitely one you should invest in.

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