An insight into likes ….

In my post yesterday we covered the general layout of Facebook insights.  Today I’m looking a bit closer at the likes tab.

This screen shot shows you my likes information.  You can see the age and sex of the likes/fans, where they are geographically located by country then broken down into major cities and the language the page is read in.  This information is so useful if you are targeting specific people or a specific area.  My fanpage is more generalised at small business owners, but if your business was say a children’s music group in Bournemouth, you need to see if your attracted your target market.  If all your likes/fans are men over 55 in Poland your probably not going to entice new customers.

The second part of this tab enables you to see how many new likes/fans and how many likes/fans have unliked! Which is interesting but not that useful, however the list next to each specifies where these new likes/fans are coming from.

So the majority of my new likes/fans come straight to the page and like it, 6 came from recommendations .. etc. etc. … this is the useful information.  Especially if you have been posting specific comments on twitter to direct people over.  Or a newsletter, flyer you name it you can now see it more clearly.

Hope this is useful information.

Please do share your views 🙂

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