Facebook Challenge Day 4 – Victoria Dixon

I am beginning to miss Facebook! I think to be honest the weather doesn’t help because we are all stuck indoors and feeling a little cut off from friends – there is only so long my children will tolerate the snow before they get too cold and start complaining! It has been so cold today, -8 according to the car! The school was open much to Millys delight (long may that last!) I decided to look at my Facebook stats today – I use Google analytics to track my website stats and according to that 43% of my visits have come from Facebook so far this week. Not too bad for having not been too active on my page.

Because yesterday was so chaotic we didn’t quite get around to finishing decorating the tree – we did that today when Milly returned from school. I really can’t believe we are into December already. The past few months seem to have passed by in a blur!

I just worked on orders during Robbie’s nap today which felt good as I am really feeling a little overwhelmed by all the work I have at the moment. I do seem to be able to work better under pressure – it gives me more drive but then I am not being distracted by Facebook which helps. I have yet to use all of my 20 minutes today – I used 5 minutes this morning. Not sure what I will use it for yet but am beginning to feel I want to use it constructively and not for simply browsing so will wait until I feel inspired!

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