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Facebook Challenge Day 2 - Victoria DixonI feel as if I have been on fast forward today! I glanced at Facebook this morning as I needed to see the Radio Orkney updates to find out whether the school was open! Much to my surprise it was!! So off Milly went to school and Robbie and I went to Mothers & toddlers. This has meant that today I have been able to work through Robbie’s nap after toddlers which was great – I spent most of my time replying to emails and completing orders.

It’s such a tricky time of year for Mums who run their own businesses as not only do you find yourself at your busiest via your business but also just trying get things sorted out for Christmas. Milly announced that today she wants to put up the decorations – “it is December now Mummy you know!!” That’s me told! So the tree was brought down from the attic. This meant that I had to clear a corner in the sitting room for it so moved a chair through to Millys bedroom – which then snowballed into reorganising and completely gutting her room! We have the community tree lighting this evening…..so between all this and the everyday chaos that goes hand in hand with having a young family I have barely even thought about Facebook today!

I will check my fan page at some point tonight and perhaps post a couple of updates but will spend most of my evening working through my orders! I am feeling that this is proving to be a great time management exercise for me!

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