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Last month I went to Mumsnet Workfest with Sage UK.  I attended a really interesting workshop about LinkedIn. The best part was it wasn’t run by a guru but an actual employee of LinkedIn. I learnt so much in 45 minutes and the handouts (which you can download here) were amazing.

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Here are some top tips for creating your LinkedIn Profile.  If like me you have had one and not utlised it effectively go back now and edit.

  1. Use your real name : You have to be a grown up on LinkedIn no room for CharlieMoos or Mummyof3 here!
  2. Use a professional headshot image : Clear background, no children, pets or wine!
  3. Customize the URL : This way you can share on a business card and email signatures. Some corporate brands will ask on a job application to view your LinkedIn profile so have a snazzy URL.
  4. Your LinkedIn profile is not your CV : Make it natural, share your skills and expertise but remember the key to LinkedIn is making connections so although you should boast your skills don’t oversell.
  5. Skills : You can add a vast number of skills. It’s important to be endorsed in the areas you wish so for me that would be blogging, social media, online networking, small business.  Adding skills encourages people to endorse in these which rank you high when people are searching for specific things.  Linked In encourages you to add a minimum of 5.  Don’t forget to endorse other peoples skills too.
  6. Recommendations and Endorsements : Ask former clients or employers to leave recommendations, mini-reviews of your skills, work completed etc …
  7. Build your connections :  LinkedIn is all about networking so network.  Build credible links and connections.  You can do this by importing your email contact list or checking out those people associated with the same schools and colleges as you.
  8. Be seen as an expert : LinkedIn now has a blog platform on their too. Every so often write a piece that demonstrates your expertise and skill set, knowledge and post directly onto your LinkedIn Profile rather than just sharing onto from your regular blog.
  9. Make your LinkedIn profile engaging : Add examples of work, presentations, photos, graphics, slideshows, videos to create engaging media rich content.

Feeling inspired to rock your LinkedIn profile? Then why not download the handouts from Mumsnet here.

LinkedIn Profile Tips Handout Download 

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  1. June 28, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    This is really helpful thanks! You’re right, Linked in is not your CV, its a connections platform, but with a more social spin. Don’t come on too strong 😀

  2. November 2, 2018 / 11:48 am

    Thanks Joanne I especially love the part about it not being a CV. I have most definetly made that mistake in the past. I think people used to view it more like a CV but it is trying to come away from this and become more of a social media network.