Facebook Challenge Day 3 – Louise Gibbs

Facebook Challenge Day 1 - Louise GibbsToday I have missed Facebook. Sad I know. However I have been planning work and getting myself sorted. The teaching package has launched and the first programme is running in January – so there is lots to do!

Wednesday’s I am in Demead which is about an hour’s drive from HQ and I am really enjoying the lessons and the group – so many little ones signing today and it always gives me such a boost and reminds me exactly why I am so passionate about this business!

This afternoon has not been as productive as I would have liked, and I purposely had to walk away from the laptop as I knew I could get tempted by facebook – not to focus on work but to read what my friends are up too. Instead I busied myself with working out goody bags for the training package and making some new videos. So perhaps the challenge is working, giving me time to actually work not socialize!

In my 20 minutes today I did notice that my fanpage views were right down and I have not had any new likes this week – is this a result of not being on much this week?

Louise Gibbs – BabySigning Mummy

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