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The Federation of Small Businesses recently announced that one-in-four UK small businesses are still operating without a website, and for those that do have one, only a third are using it for sales. This means some SME’s could be missing out on lucrative online retail opportunities at a time when ecommerce is at its peak. According to the Centre for Retail Research, ecommerce is the UK’s fastest growing retail market with sales expected to grow from £44 billion in 2014 to £52 billion by the end of 2015. We all know having an online presence is important and getting it right is crucial. If you aren’t very technically minded to build your own this can be super frustrating. There are lots of companies out there but finding the right one can be a minefield.

An online presence is absolutely vital for all businesses both to trade with customers and to act as a shop window telling prospective customers what they have to offer. Vitamin is a new website and ecommerce solution from Jump Marketing, one of Scotland’s most successful creative communications agencies. Developed specifically for start-ups and SMEs, Vitamin creates custom sites for businesses with limited budgets, without compromising on the level of design, functionality or support.

Our aim is simple. To reduce the cost for SME’s looking to trade online or improve their online presence. Vitamin bridges the gap in the market between the £1 a month GoDaddys of this world and the bespoke solutions provided by agencies charging tens of thousands. Vitamin sits in the middle with a cost-conscious solution that does not compromise on quality of design, functionality or ongoing support. This is something that no one else is doing.” said Vitamin’s Managing Director and co-founder, Mat Norbury.

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Top Tips for choosing a webdesigner :

  • See lots of previous clients work. Check that they style and tone of their previous websites suits your needs. Ask for client recommendations and testimonials.
  • Understandable pricing structure.With Vitamin I have access to experts who are able to speak in layman’s terms and plain English, a fixed monthly fee for hosting and support, access to a community of similar businesses.” Rebecca Christensen, Managing Director and owner Love from India Street
  • Can you update your own content? Can you load and update your own content at the drop of a hat or at 2am? Changes can be expensive I’ve known companies charge £100 to add a follow us on Facebook button which is ridiculous! Members of Vitamin pay a small monthly fee for unlimited help and support in managing, updating and promoting their sites you know from the start what you have let yourself in for and what you are paying towards.
  • They understand your business needs. There is utterly no point in having a super slick shiny website if it doesn’t meet your basic requirements. “The benefits of Vitamin is that they get stuff done quickly, professionally and understand my needs. In the past I have had numerous problems with other web site providers. When I explained to Vitamin my predicament they helped me tidy up these loose ends.” Andrew Scott founder of Victus Catering Consultancy and Scott Hospitality Services:

How do Vitamin offer such comparable prices?
Vitamin has achieved this by radically reducing the ‘development’ stage – the time it takes to build a website. Development time typically counts for between 70-80% of the final cost of a website and  can involve weeks of work. By introducing a streamlined approach to both the design and build of websites, including the development of a set of flexible building blocks which can be quickly customised and adapted to meet the demands of unique sites, the company has found a way to build top of the range websites in days rather than weeks.

In monetary terms, Vitamin is building websites and on-line shops at around 30% of the cost of a comparable custom solution. A site which might typically cost £8-10,000 with comparable solutions can be provided for just £2,000-3,000, without any compromises in design or functionality.

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